Thursday, May 30, 2019

Amazon should stop spying for its employees

If you work for Amazon say goodbye to your personal life. You can be tracked and monitored at the street, at work and even at the entry of your home. It is not just location tracking. It is not reading personal emails. It is full time videotaping.

Of course every company should take care of its safety and security. Every company should fight external and internal threats.

But Amazon is going to far. Other companies fight competitors and fight for innovations. Amazon fights against its own employees.

Via it's agents and contractors, the company hires private detectives to spy on employees. The situation is especially outrageous because the reason for the persecution is an employee's complaint of physical injury.

The scheme is as follows:
Amazon injures you -> You complain -> Amazon persecutes you.

Definitely this is the reason to update our demand for changing Amazon inhuman policies. Unless the policies of entire company are changed, this can happen with any Amazon employee.

Amazon should issue the policy prohibiting the company and it's agents/contractors to spy on the employees by hiring private detectives.

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