Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Amazon should outsource HR investigations

Why I didn't suggest this before? It is so obvious. This suggestion for sure should be included in my proposals.

Amazon outsourced a lot of functions to decrease its liability:

  • Injury insurance. If employee is disabled and not paid for that, Amazon would say: it is not me, it is the insurance company who refused to pay.
  • Security guards. If guards abuse their power to protect Amazon from protests of employees, Amazon shares its liability with the contractors. Amazon would say: it is not me, it is my mercenary who unlawfully kicks out your protest.

  • Onsite nurses. The employee can get a fracture and a nurse gives her Ibuprofen and says to come back to work. Then Bezos would say: it is not me, it is a 3rd party contractor who was inhuman.

  • Ethics hotline. It is funny, Amazon outsourced even service of accepting HR complaints over the phone. So nobody can tell that Amazon "doesn't accept complaints".
  • Lawyers protecting the company from its employees. Amazon has very deep pockets to pay $millions to protect the company from every single employee. If lawyers "beat up" the injured employee in the courtroom, Amazon would say: it is not me, it is my mercenary lawyer.
  • "Mental health counselling". This is the program that the company offers to employees. Stressed and depressed workers can call counselor over the phone. This program sucks. Amazon, following its "frugality" principle, got one of the cheapest and worst providers. Thus, talking to this "counselor" increases the probability of suicide rather than prevents it. However, after an employee commits suicide, Amazon would say: we did everything to help him, we even have a mental counseling program.

But there is one function Amazon never wants to outsource. HR investigations will never be independent. Amazon lies that the company created "independent" team in within the company specially for the investigation. This is the most impudent fraud I ever heard. The company took part of HRs and renamed them from "Human relationship" to "Employee relationship" team. And then these "employee relationship" specialists lie to everybody that they are independent of the company. BTW, they are still subordinates of HR director on the organization hierarchy. E. g. when I sent complaint to the director of this false team with the call for unionizing, they immediately locked my access to the emails and corporate network. Maybe that is because they are "independent" to much?

Amazon lies to the employees: "Employee relationship team is independent from the business".
At the same time, job listing says: "The Employee Relations team is responsible for reducing risk to the business". The same postings says, Employee Relationships members were HRs in the past.

Amazon knows, HR is not to protect the employees. HR is to protect the company from the employees. Amazon will never pay salary to guys who say to the company "you violate the law". Instead, Amazon will always pay a good money to HRs who say to employees "your complaint has no merit, there is no violation here, go back to work".

BTW Amazon HR average salary is $60k. The minimum for HR is $30k - the same as average salary of other employees, $30k. That means, in average HRs are paid twice more than other employees. Well, it is logical. Other employees are paid just for work - the usual deal. But HR has extraordinary deal. HRs are paid for fraud. Not everybody agrees to commit law and ethics violations every day for money. That's why such false people are paid more. They are in high demand at Amazon. If there would not be ethics and public opinion, Amazon would post job openings like:
"False person wanted! Ready to lie every day? Ethics and morale is nothing for you? Have no pity to disabled workers and pregnant women? Come and join us! Amazon HR, salary is twice higher than company average!"

That's why my proposal is as follows. Amazon should outsource its Employee Relationships team functions to the 3rd party contractor. It could be independent legal firm. E. g. Amazon pays $millions to external attorneys to protect the company from lawsuits of employees. For sure they have money to do the same to protect employees themselves.

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