Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Amazon pays for fraud, Amazon pays for persecution

Amazon wastes money of taxpayers

I don't want to claim money in the pocket of Jeff Bezos. He has $200 billion. And it is his money. Nobody can take it, even disabled and injured employees in his fulfillment centers. Employees can take it only via the Court proceedings or labor union bargains (that's why I encourage unionizing and that's why Amazon illegally prevents unionizing).

But I want to claim the way Amazon spends its money. No, I don't ask to increase salaries or to provide additional benefits (BTW labor unions can do that also). I am just looking at the current expenses of the company.

The more expenses the less the profit of the company. The less profit the less taxes are to be paid. That is because profit tax is calculated as a percentage of the profit. Last time Amazon paid "$0 for schools, firefighters, infrastructure, research and health-care." That means, society and taxpayers suffer if Amazon increase expenses in improper way. Now let's take a look at where does Amazon spends money to.

Here is a message to happy Amazon customer. Do you think $20 from your Prime package goes to families of Amazon employees? Do you think your money support their health benefits? Do you think your purchase feed their children? Mostly not. Large part of your customer price is wasted by the company on the non-necessary war against its own employees.

Amazon holds semi-monopoly power on some of its markets. That means, customers have no choice. They will buy anyway and they will pay anyway. This results in significant abuse of power from the side of the company. The company abuses its employees. Like a fascist government, it uses its monopoly power to spend money on the security of the government, not on the positive social impact.

Kim Jong-un spends government budget on police and army to protect himself from his own people. At the same time, his people in North Korea are dying as a result of starvation.
Jeff Bezos spends customers money on HR, attorneys and falsifying public opinion. At the same time, his employees commit suicides.
The major difference between Jeff and Kim is body weight. Credit goes to Jeff.

Jeff Bezos knows how unhappy his employees are. It seems like he suffers paranoia: instead of spending money on human working conditions, he buys bulletproof windows for his room.

Amazon spends $millions on HR to protect from the employees

HR takes large share of the company employees. Huge budget is spent on their salaries. Definitely, these are expenses decreasing the profit (and hence tax base). Amazon HR do not calculate salaries, bonuses, taxes or benefits. Other guys (often outsourced) are doing this. Amazon HR is responsible for persecution of employees. For persecution of those who complain about law violations. These employees are not welcome in the company. Company is not interested to be charged with the violation of the law. Thus, Amazon has HR. Overall, work of HR is false at Amazon:

  • HR perform false "investigations". Their goal is to protect the business from the employee rather than the employee himself.
  • HR walks the employee through the false "performance improvement plans" (PIP). PIP creates a visibility of "coaching". At the lawsuit, Amazon will tell: "we did not terminate the employee, we gave him a chance and we coached him". In fact, the trick is that PIP is assessed by the same manager who placed the employee on PIP. Say the manager sexually assaulted his female subordinate. To remove the witness, the manager places her on PIP. The subordinate has no chance because the PIP is assessed by the same manager.
  • HR walks the employee through the false "pivot appeal" program. The employee is given a chance to appeal in front of the independent jury. But he is prohibited to tell to this jury about any violation of the law. Say manager raped his subordinate and then he wants to fire her via the pivot. The girl is prohibited to tell at the appeal that she was raped.
Recently, Amazon even created special "Employee Relationship" department. These are "special forces" of HR to fight against employees. Of course, everything is sponsored by the Amazon customers' money.

Amazon spends $millions on attorneys

When I tried to do a litigation against Amazon, I met the most expensive and professional attorneys firm. In average, I assume their hour costs $500-$1000. 1 hour! How much does 1 hour of Amazon fulfillment center associate cost? $15?

Amazon can use attorneys expenses to decrease its profit (and taxes). But there is a way to decrease these expenses. Of course, every company should protect itself from the lawsuits and in the lawsuits. But there is a way to avoid lawsuits. If the company would change inhuman policies, employees would less likely sue Amazon.

Are attorneys the only legal soldiers of Amazon fighting against its own employees? Nope. Amazon has an army of various professionals to persecute its own employees. E. g. private detectives spying for injured workers.

Amazon wastes money to manipulate public opinion

As a result of outrageous situation in the company, the Amazon reputation is near of the bottom. With such reputation, company has serious problems with hiring employees, especially qualified ones. Thus, the company tries to manipulate the reputation somehow, of course in non-fair way.

Jeff even bought Washington Post for $250 million.

Amazon invested in shameful Amazon Ambassador program aimed to manipulate social networks opinion.

Even at the street, paid security of Amazon building prevents public protests.

Adolf Hitler's government also manipulated social opinion in non-fair ways. It even had special "ministry of propaganda". After that, you blame me for comparison of Bezos and Hitler?

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