Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Security at Amazon building finally kicked me out of the entrance to the building with protest


  1. Stay strong and take care of yourself! I think for across-the-road location a bigger banner would be even better seen. Watch out for plain clothes Amazon-hired people who may try to come up and provoke you into something...these big corporations are capable of anything. Welcome to our daily reality in the US (which had been gradually turning into one big corporate prison): I'm very sorry you had to face all this. Thanks for having the guts to protest. I want to explain why some others fear to protest (it's a lot more than about the loss of a job)...I should write you in private about this later.

    1. Thank you for your support. Sure, welcome to share private thoughts anytime in message on Facebook or Twitter.

  2. I don't use fbook or twitter - because I value my privacy, since there're had been a) regular massive data breaches happening/hacking b) such companies are being caught selling users' data to private and government-affiliated vendors, with unknown future use of this data c) they often require phone number verification now/additional privacy intrusion d) fbook runs facial recognition on user photos/not acceptable. In general they compile and store extensive user dossiers with unknown future use. But I think I saw your gmail you shared in another place.