Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Protest at the Amazon Van Vorst building. Their child died to make Jeff Bezos richer.

Good news: After attempts to unionize employees, Amazon locked my laptop with the evidence of Amazon crimes.
I am sorry that was bad news.
Really good news: I did backup. Most of the evidence can be restored. Though not 100%. And I bought new laptop at Best Buy.

Beginning of the story about child is here.
As usual, Amazon security is alarmed by my protests.
You can hear their walkie talkie at the video.

Finally Amazon found the way how to kick me out. Amazon declared, despite trees are in within the public sidewalk, Amazon owns the trees. This is logical statement paying attention to that Jeff Bezos wants ownership of employees lives and souls.

Security guys were nice and polite. I have nothing against them. As they confirmed, they are just commanded by higher management. And I have something against this "higher management". Because this higher management defines inhumane policies.

Now I am at the other side of the road. It is even better because the banner is seen from all the floors of the Amazon building.

After exhausting all the remedies, Amazon called police...

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