Monday, April 8, 2019

I am in NY again: public protest at Amazon with security, police and a lot of fun

I have the super power: to fly between both coasts of US back and forth. I am in NY and ready to protest here. Looking forward for photos and Amazon NY security later today.

As it is expected, the more I protest the more people security bring every next time. And of course police.
How to shortly describe protest today in 2 phrases of dialog between me and security of Amazon building?
Me: How are you doing today?
Security: Oleg, I was doing great until you came!

My favorite security who seems to be the boss:

He always makes photos of me and videotapes me. Maybe he is writing in his own blog?

Everybody knows Jeff Bezos is greedy and Amazon is greedy. But it is to much to illegally take ownership over the public property (public sidewalk):

Overall, security serving for Amazon building are very talented guys. Every time they think up new fabled reason why I should stop the protest.

My banner and my from behind. Thanks to the friend who helped me with photos and videos:

Security tried to grab and remove the banner:

Security is trying to hide the banner from the pedestrians by staying in front of me.

Security grabs the banner and insists to take it out:

And as it usually happens in NY, police finally came.


  1. Whose kids died and made you head protester?

    1. Thank you for your comment. Here is the link

  2. Saw this in the news today: "Alexa is listening to your conversations: Web giant admits clips are analysed by Amazon workers - including your most intimate moments":

    wow....but well this is also expected considering complete disregard for one's privacy by the tech industry, especially since AMZN is involved.

    1. Definitely this should violate some privacy law...

    2. Oh yes, this violates surveillance and eavesdropping laws in pretty much every state.

    3. Amazon has very expensive attorneys. And they can avoid prosecution. But when media publishes something bad, Jeff Bezos immediately starts malicious prosecution against media. If he can't prosecute media, he buys media (Washington Post). If he can't buy media, he buys positive posts in social networks ("Amazon Ambassador" program). They try to buy everything. Recently they tried to explain me that public sidewalk (ownership of the City - means ownership of citizens) is under ownership of Amazon, thus I can't protest there.