Saturday, March 30, 2019

You are much richer than Jeff Bezos

Do you think Jeff Bezos is rich? Surprise surprise. It is not true. Moreover, Jeff knows that. Deep inside, he is frustrated. Because he admitted this fact and cannot change it.

Jeff can buy a power, but he can't buy love. Moreover, he can't buy a new life and new soul that he lost.

Soul of Jeff Bezos is lost unlike souls of most of us. At his company to many people died and to many families broke. Soul of serial killer is 10 times better than the soul of Jeff Bezos. The quality of soul is the real wealth that we can't buy even for billion dollars.

We try to earn million dollars that we even cannot spend in short lifetime. But we don't care about how will we be remembered in the next million years.

That's why most people are much more wealthy than Jeff. They didn't get rid of their souls. They didn't sell it to devil.

My next message is to the young people. If you are 20, 30, 40 and even 50 years old, you are much richer than Jeff. Jeff lives his second half of life and he has not much time remaining. The older we are the less time we have remaining.

If you are young you have the most valuable wealth. Your years, your time. Any old man including Jeff would immediately exchange all his $billions just to become young again.

If you think you can learn something at Amazon, it is false. After 1 year of software engineering, my coding skills became worse. Because most software engineers at Amazon are rather doing work of system administrators serving tickes of crappy systems. I have a doubt that other occupations at Amazon are better. Don't get rid of your life there. In pre K you will learn more than at Amazon.

For some reason, many people don't pay attention to that. They behave like if they would live forever. And in one morning they wake up in a bed, sick and old, lonely and poor. And they realize they spent all these years, suffered all the life just to make more $millions for Jeff. And it is to late to change something.

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