Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Would you die for Jeff Bezos?

I am sure everybody has grand-grand-grand parent who was asked to be a patriot hundred years ago and die for his country. This should be honored because one death of soldier can save tens of civil lives. Patriotism can take many forms: love to the country, love to the nation, love to the family, or love to humanity etc. I would define patriotism as a feeling of high value of the object you love. This value is higher than value of your life. Thus, real patriot is ready to sacrifice his life to save country/humanity/family etc.

In 21st century, I found sick form of patriotism. Hundred years ago people died to save the world. Today people die to make Jeff Bezos rich. I didn't get it. Why??
Employees selflessly die at Amazon fulfillment centers. Their children die because Amazon refuses to provide medical help. To make work done. To make Jeff richer.

I can't understand that. Somebody explain to me.
There is more danger here. So called "Gradual death" is worse than immediate death. Gradual death is when employee works 20 years for Amazon. That means he gets rid of approximately 25% of his life. Employee who dies at Amazon warehouse at the age of 40, losses about 50% of his life. For me, there is no much difference. Gradual death is worse because employee doesn't know that it is death. Jeff sucks his life and converts it into $billions.

You say: "Oleg, you are not making surprise by saying that. But here is surprise for you. If we would not work there, we would not eat. We would not pay mortgage."
That is correct. I don't suggest to burn out Amazon. I don't even suggest to stop purchases at Amazon. I suggest to unionize. In any non-official or official way. Facebook group is a union. 2 people yelling at the kitchen is a union. If 1 guy out of 1000 oppose unfair labor practice, he is immediately retaliated and fired from Amazon. If 1000 guys out of 1000 go to strike, Amazon raises salary immediately.

And now real surprises for you:
- If you work for fulfillment center at the lowest position, Amazon has ability to pay you $25 instead of $15.
- If you are engineer, Amazon has ability to finish your green card in 1 year instead of 10 regardless of your country of origin. Don't believe to lies.
- If you are manager/supervisor/HR, you are not protected. By complying with Amazon abusive policies, you put yourself under the risk of lawsuit with personal liability.
- You are no obliged to take your laptop to home, work on weekends, work in the bus etc. In many cases it can be illegal to fire you when you refused to work more than 8 hours a day.
- etc etc etc.

Why Amazon don't do anything of that? Very simple. Because nobody asks. One man is nobody for Amazon. 1000 men is somebody. As soon as somebody asks, Amazon will give up immediately.


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