Friday, March 15, 2019

I am at Doppler

Protesting near of the Doppler today.
Ordered new banner. Re branding is coming next week.
Good news: it is warm in Seattle. Now I can protest longer without risk of becoming iceman.
Guys who passed by to share support helped me with photos. Thanks a lot to them.

Now I know another reason, why Amazon encourages dogs at work. Dogs do their business (go to restroom) right near of the sidewalk at the street. Right on the ground, sometimes right on the sidewalk. This makes it impossible to stay at the sidewalk for a long time - because of smelling. To do public protest, you need to stay at sidewalk for a long time.
Amazon encourages dogs at work to prevent public protests.

Not being modest, I admit the supporters often call me brave guy. But it is easy to be brave. It costs just $2. You can buy courage at any Starbucks or McDonald's:
- Large coffee $2
- 4 spoons of sugar $0
- Listen AC/DC on YouTube $0
If Peter did it - we also can do this.


  1. >> Amazon encourages dogs at work to prevent public protests.
    Are you serious?

  2. You're autistic.

    1. You can say like that. And then I will be proud to be free autistic rather than "normal" slave helping Amazon to break people's lives

  3. Amazon treated me like garbage. I admire what you're doing. Bezo's is an asshole.

    1. thanks a lot man. If you can please share links on social networks