Saturday, March 23, 2019

Children of Amazon employees still die

Here is the story from N'diaye Ismaila from Morocco.
His audio interview is here.
Somebody can think he is to angry. Somebody can think there is no nexus between the death of child and Amazon policy.
However, there are patterns and statistics that no other company has. Even company called "Drittes Reich" didn't have such statistics.

I see the clear pattern here, that me and other employees experienced personally many times:
As a retaliation, Amazon prevents employee and his family from getting medical help.
I assume this is the strongest nexus between child death and Amazon action.

And here is what Ismaila says. Don't blame his English, everybody can understand his message despite on grammar.

My wife and me worked at amazon in Rabat (Morocco) at the Amazon customer services support called (rba1) we went true a lot of workplace bullying for two years, with a lot of stress caused by the company strategies and non competent managers who put a lot pressure on employees for over targets with no coaching and no support. When my wife became pregnant, Amazon did not offer a single medical support and did not refund anything of what I paid in hospitals to protect my wife and the baby. Her manager continued causing excessive pressure and hostile work environment while he is aware of her pregnancy, the management staff and the nurse of the site were aware of it too. Then she had worst complications with the pregnancy and surgery was needed.

Amazon cancelled medical help for us then we were not able to continue treatments on time until I found money my self to take her to hospital and it was too late to save the baby!! After her surgery and the baby was dead we both got seriously sick and depressed added to all the stress and bullying at work.

Her doctor gave her 30 days rest and I was given 45 days due to depression, Amazon did not pay us salary for too months and no refund from amazon or the insurance company nor for the hospital costs neither for our vacations due to health matters. The HR administration did no assistance to get refund from the national security founds for which we contribute every month cut on our salary. Then we had to go back to work before recovering due to financial situations. During that time of stress and oppression we had, Amazon launched an offer which was to work at home, we applied for it and the management staff with both our managers refused” just to cause more stress and push us to resign.

And I raised the issue to HR management and Amazon Ethics they pushed me and my wife to the door!! Without treatment or refund we met bruising workplace and excessive stress and they organised with a corrupted bailiff who was sent on site on SUNDAY and they fired me with no compensation. The next day my wife had to resign too due to the situation and because she was going to be next. They let her go with no compensation too, we sold all our properties in our home so we can continue paying our loan at the bank every end of month with rent and bills during for months and FINALLY amazon ethics ethics sent me an email announcing that NO FURTHER ACTION WILL BE TAKING for our issue!!

We Managed to come to Istanbul (Turkey) in order to restart our lives but we are still sick depressed and got no financial even to get a proper food instead of seeing a physiologist to recover from our mental illness. Now we owe money to the bank and according to our any account balances amazon said that we owe them money !!

Next week see that picture at the banner of crazy guy at the Seattle downtown.
If you think my design skill sucks, I agree. But what sucks more: to work for Amazon.

You will tell I should not say that. It is to hard. It is above the limit. It is even harder then comparison of Jeff and Hitler.
Well, you are right. It is really hard.
But I say that. And I let others know. I will let it know to as many people as I can.
You know why?
Because there are 2 things even harder than that.

The first thing is to feel it. We pray it will never happen again with other Amazon employees. Because nobody should feel that anymore. After all the horrors of Amazon, I was thinking I saw everything. But I still cannot imagine myself taking shoes of this guy. I cannot imagine how to be parent of killed child. I cannot imagine his emotions and sufferings of his family. Because it is not possible to share this feeling until this happens with you. I believe own death is less tortures than feelings of this guy.

The second thing even harder. To hold it inside. Amazon prohibits us free speech. And this torture even harder. If something horrible happens to employee, he is forced to hold it inside. And continue suffering till the end of the life.

I will not let others to hold it inside. I help to speak out. I help to let it out. Otherwise, I would need to keep inside of myself part of this horror also.

Why protest? Why don't just be silent quiet and hence safe?
Don't get out. It's alright!
No it ain't alright.

Here is an interview with the parent of the child.

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