Friday, March 29, 2019

Amazon illegally destroys labor unions

I have good news, bad news and good news again.
Good news is I can eat as many vegetarian burritos as none of you can.
Bad news is Amazon locked my laptop and access to corporate network because I called other employees to unionize.

Let's start from the start.
First half of the day is my regular protest.
Nothing is new. Story of the banner is here.

Other notorius thing happened in the morning.
I called Amazon employees to unionize.
I sent email to about 50 guys, mostly HRs.
Why HRs? Everybody knows that HR is a "secret police" of Amazon. And they are last guys wanting to unionize against the company. But this is the exact reason why the request should be sent to them. There is no need to unionize those who already agree. But there is a reason to insist and pursue those who disagree.

What did I write to HRs? Something like that:

Something is wrong in this company. I document everything at There is a piece of fun at this blog, but there is a lot of true there. Based on that, my call to every Amazon employee is to unionize. HR will always abuse its discretion and kick us out until we join and strike together.

I don’t have any official union. Yesterday I created Facebook groupa nd added there couple of friends. I start from unofficial union of 2 guys. Earlier or later Amazon will comply with the law and humanity standards. 

This message is to HR employees. Apart from unionize, I would like you to be aware. Obviously, you work here because you are salaried. Nobody works at Amazon because he loves his job. Then you can say: “No matter where I work at, Amazon, Google, Walmart etc. Everywhere I am salaried. There is nothing bad for me at Amazon. I work and they pay. And they provide medical insurance. As well as in any other company”. 

Here I disagree. Amazon is not like any other company. This is because any other company is not built on blood of employees. As a result of Amazon “experiments”, employees died, their children died. Amazon is built on blood. That’s why money that you make at Amazon are bloody money. 

Go talk to attorneys. Be aware that if Amazon manager or Amazon policy asks you to violate the law directly or indirectly, you could share personal responsibilityi in addition to corporate responsibility of the company. Take a look at the case law and compare this with your HR actions. If you think they are not prohibited by the law or ethics, probably you are wrong if you work for Amazon. 

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