Tuesday, March 5, 2019

03/05/2019. I am back.

I am still weak. Yes I am. If you want to know that feeling - try to live without water and food 5 days.
But I can walk. I can think. I can look. And hopefully (though it is more difficult) I can grab my banner.
The conclusion is obvious. I am back. Today I will be near of the Amazon Spheres.
Hunger strike is over but I still have my old banner: "Insist on the high standards of protest".

Remaining days number in campaign: 365.

And we have live broadcast from the Amazon CEO office:
And another live broadcast from the Amazon Ambassador bots camp reacting to my return:

Btw, I found new sense of hunger strike.

Protested today for 2 hours. I am the local local landmark yet.

Again, I don't want to harm Amazon or Jeff. I believe my speech is a feedback that should help the company to become better. The company should not restrict or fight free speech.
After my protests, Amazon "mitigated" the conflict and transferred me to another team. However, I am afraid: as soon as I come back to work, I will meet HR hearing:

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  1. What level are you? You are hired to help the company in a very specefic manner,as directed by manager.
    It is the company who tries to help you. They give you medical coverage an.advise to see a doctor. How dare you are not to comply?