Sunday, March 3, 2019

03/03/2019. End of hunger strike

No weighing today.. Hunger strike is ended..
Another video about how Amazon cares about employees' health:

Today my mind is empty. Thus, I am posting video about nothing...
Next day of protest
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  1. Have you done some reflection on what you have achieved after the hunger strike and whether Amazon's policies or image have indeed changed as per your objectives?

    1. Thank you for your comment. My reflection is as follows:
      1) Amazon changed nothing (except of in the negative way)
      2) I am proud that I have done this. Next abused guy will see my posts and he will be more motivated to oppose unfair practices. Not necessary by strike, maybe via litigation or something else. Then the next guy will see the posts of both of us. Etc. Earlier or later the true will win. I did the very small miscellaneous step. But the big way starts with the small step.

    2. Hey man, I think what you've been doing is brave but not necessarily smart. Changing an institution is not at all an easy task. In the past few weeks, at best you raised some awareness about the company you work at and how bad the interactions that you had with your former boss. Your message is not clear and somewhat resentful. It's hard to listen to a resentful man.

      You decided to go to war with a conglomerate. It's like an ant fighting an elephant. Jordan Peterson says something along the line "set your house in perfect order before you criticize the world." Maybe your house is already in perfect order, figuratively and literally. But if it's not, there may be other better battles to fight: your well being, your family, the betterment of wherever you raise your kid, etc.

      I have nothing to gain or lose from you being ignored, unnoticed or your company defamed. What I saw is a man standing up and taking actions to change status quo instead of complaining and doing nothing. For that I am admired your effort, regardless of its results.

      Take care though.

      - a fellow human

    3. I agree with the metaphor about ant and elephant. I don't argue about the ant status. But for me the important thing is the difference between happy ant and unhappy ant. Happy ant lost the battle but he tried his best. Then emotionally he is satisfied though he lost. I have no gain from public action regardless of its result. But I have emotional satisfaction from speaking out again regardless of the result. The best thing for me is to be sure that I will not regret about "I might do that, I didn't do this..."
      Thanks a lot for your words about being brave. Though not smart, brave sounds better than crazy.

    4. Dude, you just have proven that your words cannot be trusted. You went on strike with a very bold promise to die if amazon does not change policy. Well, dieying would be totally non-smart. However, all you achieved is surtanty that any clawn doing on strike will quit. If anybody after you goes to fight for thier life (not just for fun as you), you made it harder to them to be treated seriosly

      Even when an hr director contacted you, you tried to make a show out of it. Did you even propose the language of the change? Rly, what's the policy number you are so passion about?? Did you ask the director what it takes to change the policy?

    5. Respectfully I cannot agree. The issue here is not to show my achievement. Or to show number of deaths. Google it, you will find Amazon doesn't care even when employee dies. In earlier post I mentioned that the goal is to show company's reaction. And this is much better than nothing.
      Well, you can call anybody clown unless you didn't try to do it yourself.
      If you ask me for policy number, I assume you work for Amazon? Chime me and we can talk together with HR, you will see everything. Or do you think HR approached me to discuss changing Amazon policies? Wake up, they don't care. They don't care about our lives. Wtf policies. This is the main issue.

  2. Also, on your prof capacity, you go on and on that ppl here are annonymous. Did you even test your side? It records everybody as noname decpite, say, i am logged in by my mail right now. Not to mention this site is not ssl protected, which quite reflects how you care about your visitors

    1. Man, it's blogger. I will not rewrite the login side.