Saturday, March 2, 2019

03/02/2019. Hunger strike. Day 5. My body starts shutdown

Hunger strike. No food. No water. Until Amazon changes inhuman policies.

10 am
Weighing. My weight today is 155.6 lbs. Lost around 3 lbs for the last day.
Today is weekend. There is no sense to protest at the Amazon office if nobody is there. But this does not mean I should stop the fasting.
Btw note: Why Amazon needs dogs in the office?
Another note: how Amazon restricts free speech. On the video I forgot to mention that Amazon attorneys sent motion to the Judge complaining about my protests :)
2 pm
I attended the doctor.

Of course there is weight loss (don't forget my diet is the most efficient one :)

Blood pressure is normal. Everything else is mostly ok. Doctor ordered to make a test of kidney just to make sure.

According to the science kidney is the most important thing that can be harmed during the fasting. The test results should be ready in 2 hours.
Now chances of Amazon to stop my protest by involuntary admitting me to the hospital are lower.

5 pm
Doctor called me to discuss test results. He says, my body starts shutdown.
He ordered to drink water immediately. On Monday I will take new tests.
Good bye "hunger strike without water".
I did it for 5 days. Not bad. Most people predicted I will die in 3 days. Record блядь.

5:30 pm
Live broadcast from the Amazon CEO office. Amazon guys celebrate relief from hunger strike protests.

The only good news is simple water now gives me more pleasure than orgasm ...

Amazon can count this as a small victory. Wait a minute.. We have another live broadcast from Amazon CEO office:

My hunger strike is officially over. Due to last medical exam the only to things can happen if I would not drink and eat:
- Body will end up with shutdown
- I will be involuntary admitted to the hospital as per Washington State Law
In the involuntary hospital, it could be something like that:

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