Friday, March 1, 2019

03/01/2019. Hunger strike. Day 4.

Hunger strike. No food. No water. Until Amazon changes inhuman policies.

5 am
Yesterday in the evening I was tired. And went to bed early. Slept 10 hours.
Today feeling myself almost ok. Not so energized, but not so bad. Yesterday in the morning it was better.
Still continue using restroom, in average once a day. Body extracts just a bit of liquid despite on that I don't consume anything.
Soon will post weighing.

7 am
Definitely I am tired again. Fall asleep and slept 3 hours till 10 am. Soon will do weighing and move to the city for protest.

10 am
My weight as of today is 159.2 lbs. For the last day I lost almost 2 lbs.

1 pm
I am near of the Van Vorst Amazon building. 

Amazon security guard again made photo of me. Asked about new leaflets. Amazon security guys make much more photos of me than other people on the street. Maybe security promote their own Instagram? 😎

Physical conditions:
I feel myself more weak. It was not easy to grab the banner with tripod and chair from 4th Ave to Van Vorst building. Maybe next time will take a bus. But moving makes my mood better. Maybe because of intense breathing and blood circulation.
Body generates more heat. Before the fasting I was feeling myself colder in the same weather conditions. 
I feel pleasure of breath. If I don't drink, body takes the water from the air.
I feel need to go to nature: park, forest, ocean etc. Nature affects body better during the fasting. In all the religions fasting is associated with "unity with nature and the world".

Amazon bots suggested me to turn off anonymous comments on the blog. Then I will not hear dirt from Amazon responses. Well, this is good idea. I turned off the anonymous comments. But bots are right: supporters also will not be able to post comments anonymously. Sorry guys. Amazon is posting so much dirt - I can't sustain with that.

2:30 pm
People approached me on the street. They support my fight against Amazon policies. But they absolutely discourage hunger strike. Everybody bring 2 reasons:
1) It is risky for life. Respectfully I don't agree because I made a lot of research about the fasting. It is not that simple. I will not die in 3 days. It is 4th day of fasting and I am still alive.
2) Amazon will not react. Because Amazon doesn't care about health of employees. I agree 100%. The only official response I got from Amazon is insulting in social networks like "you are asshole, low performer, we will deport you from the country etc".

Social worker called me from the clinic. Amazon complained to the clinic, that they "worried about my health during the hunger strike". Amazon worries only about harm to its business as a result of the protest. Thus, Amazon calls to clinics hoping that I will be involuntary admitted to the hospital as an "idiot" and protest would end. If Amazon would really worry about health of employees, Amazon would change policies harming health of thousands of employees and their families.

Yesterday HR Director approached me on the street. She said, that I need "mental counselling". This is the official position of Amazon: if you protest on public against Amazon inhumane policies, you need mental counselling. I responded, that she needs to change Amazon policies. She said, that "Amazon always prioritize the health of its employees". I was shocked. I suggested to her to discuss Amazon policies in front of the camera and publish this video on YouTube. Then she will have a chance to tell to public, how nice are the Amazon policies "prioritizing employees health". She did not respond yet.

As many of you know, I tried to start litigation against Amazon. After I started protests, Amazon decided to prevent my first amendment right using its attorneys. Attorneys asked Judge to dismiss my motions because "I am protesting". This becomes funny. Amazon wants to prevent the fundamental legal right of First Amendment by paying to legal professionals and praying to Judge.

Why Amazon waste so much efforts on preventing my protests? Better Amazon would just openly speak on public: "Back off, we don't want your protests". Everything is clear and simple.

4 pm
I am tired to seat at one place. For some reason body asks for moving. Will go to library and then to home.

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  1. Dude, what does your family say?

    1. Everybody supports change of Amazon politics. But almost nobody supports hunger strike as a way to achieve that...