Saturday, March 30, 2019

You are much richer than Jeff Bezos

Do you think Jeff Bezos is rich? Surprise surprise. It is not true. Moreover, Jeff knows that. Deep inside, he is frustrated. Because he admitted this fact and cannot change it.

Jeff can buy a power, but he can't buy love. Moreover, he can't buy a new life and new soul that he lost.

Soul of Jeff Bezos is lost unlike souls of most of us. At his company to many people died and to many families broke. Soul of serial killer is 10 times better than the soul of Jeff Bezos. The quality of soul is the real wealth that we can't buy even for billion dollars.

We try to earn million dollars that we even cannot spend in short lifetime. But we don't care about how will we be remembered in the next million years.

That's why most people are much more wealthy than Jeff. They didn't get rid of their souls. They didn't sell it to devil.

My next message is to the young people. If you are 20, 30, 40 and even 50 years old, you are much richer than Jeff. Jeff lives his second half of life and he has not much time remaining. The older we are the less time we have remaining.

If you are young you have the most valuable wealth. Your years, your time. Any old man including Jeff would immediately exchange all his $billions just to become young again.

If you think you can learn something at Amazon, it is false. After 1 year of software engineering, my coding skills became worse. Because most software engineers at Amazon are rather doing work of system administrators serving tickes of crappy systems. I have a doubt that other occupations at Amazon are better. Don't get rid of your life there. In pre K you will learn more than at Amazon.

For some reason, many people don't pay attention to that. They behave like if they would live forever. And in one morning they wake up in a bed, sick and old, lonely and poor. And they realize they spent all these years, suffered all the life just to make more $millions for Jeff. And it is to late to change something.

We can't avoid slavery. But we can choose type of slavery

When I call people not to work for Amazon, the most popular response is "if I don't work my children don't eat". That's true. That means whether for Amazon or not, we need to work anyway. Even if we open own business, we need to work (sometimes even more and with higher risk and responsibility).

Even if we have enough savings, we still need to work, we are still slaves. Slaves of our ideas. For example, I am on long term leave at Amazon and I don't write any code. But I work even more, because I am slave of my idea to change inhumane Amazon policies.

Finally, we are all slaves of the lifetime. Everybody will die and the death makes us slaves of the time. We are not free to make decisions beyond 50, 70, 90 years period. We are restricted by this time and we are not free.

Despite on all of that, we still have only one freedom. Freedom to choose, what we spend our life on. Will we work for Space X to save humanity? Or will we work for Amazon to destroy humanity? Most probably the medical nurse will be proud of salary paid to her for saving human life. But will Amazon HR be proud for bloody salary paid for supporting inhuman system?

Friday, March 29, 2019

Amazon illegally destroys labor unions

I have good news, bad news and good news again.
Good news is I can eat as many vegetarian burritos as none of you can.
Bad news is Amazon locked my laptop and access to corporate network because I called other employees to unionize.

Let's start from the start.
First half of the day is my regular protest.
Nothing is new. Story of the banner is here.

Other notorius thing happened in the morning.
I called Amazon employees to unionize.
I sent email to about 50 guys, mostly HRs.
Why HRs? Everybody knows that HR is a "secret police" of Amazon. And they are last guys wanting to unionize against the company. But this is the exact reason why the request should be sent to them. There is no need to unionize those who already agree. But there is a reason to insist and pursue those who disagree.

What did I write to HRs? Something like that:

Something is wrong in this company. I document everything at There is a piece of fun at this blog, but there is a lot of true there. Based on that, my call to every Amazon employee is to unionize. HR will always abuse its discretion and kick us out until we join and strike together.

I don’t have any official union. Yesterday I created Facebook groupa nd added there couple of friends. I start from unofficial union of 2 guys. Earlier or later Amazon will comply with the law and humanity standards. 

This message is to HR employees. Apart from unionize, I would like you to be aware. Obviously, you work here because you are salaried. Nobody works at Amazon because he loves his job. Then you can say: “No matter where I work at, Amazon, Google, Walmart etc. Everywhere I am salaried. There is nothing bad for me at Amazon. I work and they pay. And they provide medical insurance. As well as in any other company”. 

Here I disagree. Amazon is not like any other company. This is because any other company is not built on blood of employees. As a result of Amazon “experiments”, employees died, their children died. Amazon is built on blood. That’s why money that you make at Amazon are bloody money. 

Go talk to attorneys. Be aware that if Amazon manager or Amazon policy asks you to violate the law directly or indirectly, you could share personal responsibilityi in addition to corporate responsibility of the company. Take a look at the case law and compare this with your HR actions. If you think they are not prohibited by the law or ethics, probably you are wrong if you work for Amazon. 

Where software engineer goes after death?

- It depends on how many sins he had
- Let's say he had no sins and he was a good man
- Then he goes to paradise
- What if he was bad bot and committed a lot of sins?
- Then after death he goes working for Amazon

Why doing protests?

Why don't you wait until there is a 10,000 crowd at the street?
Why don't you wait until you are personally asked?
Why don't you wait until everybody does that?
etc etc

We yell to much and we do to less.
For me doing is zillion times better than speaking.
We listen gangsta music and we think we are so cool.
We watch superhero movies and we think each of us is superman.

We listen, watch, yell but in fact we do nothing.
For me coming to the street with a banner is a "to do". And this "to do" is better than "to watch"

Thursday, March 28, 2019

New day - new banner. Their child died to make him richer

Their child died to make him richer

Start of the story about child of Amazon employee is here.

Seattle weather gives up. Spring came and I can stay all the day because there is no cold anymore.
Starting at earlier morning. City is waking up. Looking forward to see more people at lunch time.

I have a business idea: to ask $1 from every guy who makes photo of my banner at the street. No kitting, in 1 month I could become a millionaire.

Now I know the goal of Blue Origin. We want to leave our planet to our children. Jeff Bezos doesn't care about our children. He doesn't care about the planet. He wants to build Blue Origin rocket and fly away to Mars. The question is why Jeff Bezos would want to fly to Mars? The answer is simple. Just because to many people don't like him at the Earth.

It is not easy to say, but I am an idiot. During the whole month, I grabbed heavy metal tripod and straight bars to make installation of the banner. Instead I could just tie it at the tree on the street with a rope. Sometimes obvious ways are not visible from the small distance. In the same way obvious fact "the life is not worth to get rid of it making Jeff Bezos richer" is not visible to many Amazon employees while they work.

Do you know the real reason why Amazon does not react to such horrible stories when children die? Surprise surprise! It is written in Amazon policy. Say you complain to HR about crime at Amazon. The first reaction of HR to your complaint is: Have Backbone; Disagree and CommitLeaders are obligated to respectfully challenge decisions when they disagree, even when doing so is uncomfortable or exhausting. Leaders have conviction and are tenacious. They do not compromise for the sake of social cohesion.
I believe even Adolf Hitler would react to such complaint even if child would be Jewish.

Today I last half a working day there (4 hours or more). I believe these hours compensate my missed days in the beginning of the week. Respect to Amazon security today: unlike in NY, they didn't prohibit me to use restroom of Starbucks and grab coffee there. Btw Starbucks doesn't belong to Amazon yet. Otherwise, I could not sustain more than 1 hour protesting without coffee. Seattle is a hometown of Starbucks and hometown of American coffee. Maybe that's why it is illegal in Seattle to prevent people from entering Starbucks? Anyway, not paid for advertising, I declare under penalty of perjury: Starbucks coffee is the best. And their restrooms are the best also.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Would you die for Jeff Bezos?

I am sure everybody has grand-grand-grand parent who was asked to be a patriot hundred years ago and die for his country. This should be honored because one death of soldier can save tens of civil lives. Patriotism can take many forms: love to the country, love to the nation, love to the family, or love to humanity etc. I would define patriotism as a feeling of high value of the object you love. This value is higher than value of your life. Thus, real patriot is ready to sacrifice his life to save country/humanity/family etc.

In 21st century, I found sick form of patriotism. Hundred years ago people died to save the world. Today people die to make Jeff Bezos rich. I didn't get it. Why??
Employees selflessly die at Amazon fulfillment centers. Their children die because Amazon refuses to provide medical help. To make work done. To make Jeff richer.

I can't understand that. Somebody explain to me.
There is more danger here. So called "Gradual death" is worse than immediate death. Gradual death is when employee works 20 years for Amazon. That means he gets rid of approximately 25% of his life. Employee who dies at Amazon warehouse at the age of 40, losses about 50% of his life. For me, there is no much difference. Gradual death is worse because employee doesn't know that it is death. Jeff sucks his life and converts it into $billions.

You say: "Oleg, you are not making surprise by saying that. But here is surprise for you. If we would not work there, we would not eat. We would not pay mortgage."
That is correct. I don't suggest to burn out Amazon. I don't even suggest to stop purchases at Amazon. I suggest to unionize. In any non-official or official way. Facebook group is a union. 2 people yelling at the kitchen is a union. If 1 guy out of 1000 oppose unfair labor practice, he is immediately retaliated and fired from Amazon. If 1000 guys out of 1000 go to strike, Amazon raises salary immediately.

And now real surprises for you:
- If you work for fulfillment center at the lowest position, Amazon has ability to pay you $25 instead of $15.
- If you are engineer, Amazon has ability to finish your green card in 1 year instead of 10 regardless of your country of origin. Don't believe to lies.
- If you are manager/supervisor/HR, you are not protected. By complying with Amazon abusive policies, you put yourself under the risk of lawsuit with personal liability.
- You are no obliged to take your laptop to home, work on weekends, work in the bus etc. In many cases it can be illegal to fire you when you refused to work more than 8 hours a day.
- etc etc etc.

Why Amazon don't do anything of that? Very simple. Because nobody asks. One man is nobody for Amazon. 1000 men is somebody. As soon as somebody asks, Amazon will give up immediately.

Jeff Bezos: you will never be proud of working for Amazon

Monday, March 25, 2019

Last day in NY. If you complain about Amazon, they prohibit you to use restrooms

Amazon stop hate against employees

For those who needs evidence of how Amazon prohibits to use restrooms - watch the last minute

Saturday, March 23, 2019

We need to organize against Amazon

Children of Amazon employees still die

Here is the story from N'diaye Ismaila from Morocco.
His audio interview is here.
Somebody can think he is to angry. Somebody can think there is no nexus between the death of child and Amazon policy.
However, there are patterns and statistics that no other company has. Even company called "Drittes Reich" didn't have such statistics.

I see the clear pattern here, that me and other employees experienced personally many times:
As a retaliation, Amazon prevents employee and his family from getting medical help.
I assume this is the strongest nexus between child death and Amazon action.

And here is what Ismaila says. Don't blame his English, everybody can understand his message despite on grammar.

My wife and me worked at amazon in Rabat (Morocco) at the Amazon customer services support called (rba1) we went true a lot of workplace bullying for two years, with a lot of stress caused by the company strategies and non competent managers who put a lot pressure on employees for over targets with no coaching and no support. When my wife became pregnant, Amazon did not offer a single medical support and did not refund anything of what I paid in hospitals to protect my wife and the baby. Her manager continued causing excessive pressure and hostile work environment while he is aware of her pregnancy, the management staff and the nurse of the site were aware of it too. Then she had worst complications with the pregnancy and surgery was needed.

Amazon cancelled medical help for us then we were not able to continue treatments on time until I found money my self to take her to hospital and it was too late to save the baby!! After her surgery and the baby was dead we both got seriously sick and depressed added to all the stress and bullying at work.

Her doctor gave her 30 days rest and I was given 45 days due to depression, Amazon did not pay us salary for too months and no refund from amazon or the insurance company nor for the hospital costs neither for our vacations due to health matters. The HR administration did no assistance to get refund from the national security founds for which we contribute every month cut on our salary. Then we had to go back to work before recovering due to financial situations. During that time of stress and oppression we had, Amazon launched an offer which was to work at home, we applied for it and the management staff with both our managers refused” just to cause more stress and push us to resign.

And I raised the issue to HR management and Amazon Ethics they pushed me and my wife to the door!! Without treatment or refund we met bruising workplace and excessive stress and they organised with a corrupted bailiff who was sent on site on SUNDAY and they fired me with no compensation. The next day my wife had to resign too due to the situation and because she was going to be next. They let her go with no compensation too, we sold all our properties in our home so we can continue paying our loan at the bank every end of month with rent and bills during for months and FINALLY amazon ethics ethics sent me an email announcing that NO FURTHER ACTION WILL BE TAKING for our issue!!

We Managed to come to Istanbul (Turkey) in order to restart our lives but we are still sick depressed and got no financial even to get a proper food instead of seeing a physiologist to recover from our mental illness. Now we owe money to the bank and according to our any account balances amazon said that we owe them money !!

Next week see that picture at the banner of crazy guy at the Seattle downtown.
If you think my design skill sucks, I agree. But what sucks more: to work for Amazon.

You will tell I should not say that. It is to hard. It is above the limit. It is even harder then comparison of Jeff and Hitler.
Well, you are right. It is really hard.
But I say that. And I let others know. I will let it know to as many people as I can.
You know why?
Because there are 2 things even harder than that.

The first thing is to feel it. We pray it will never happen again with other Amazon employees. Because nobody should feel that anymore. After all the horrors of Amazon, I was thinking I saw everything. But I still cannot imagine myself taking shoes of this guy. I cannot imagine how to be parent of killed child. I cannot imagine his emotions and sufferings of his family. Because it is not possible to share this feeling until this happens with you. I believe own death is less tortures than feelings of this guy.

The second thing even harder. To hold it inside. Amazon prohibits us free speech. And this torture even harder. If something horrible happens to employee, he is forced to hold it inside. And continue suffering till the end of the life.

I will not let others to hold it inside. I help to speak out. I help to let it out. Otherwise, I would need to keep inside of myself part of this horror also.

Why protest? Why don't just be silent quiet and hence safe?
Don't get out. It's alright!
No it ain't alright.

Here is an interview with the parent of the child.

Amazon continues to hide crime of its employees

Friday, March 22, 2019

I am public again!

Thanks a lot guys for publishing this. Thanks a lot to journalist who sustained listening more than 1 hour of my speech with terrible English accent.
Original text is available here.

And we have live broadcast from Amazon Headquarters:

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

My favorite sport

For those who ask: what is you avatar photo about? I was never modest. Many years ago I was a national champion of winter swimming. And got 4th place at the World Championship. But now I know there is a sport better...

Today my favorite sport is public protest against Amazon.
I see only advantages here!
If you engage in this sport you will get:
- the most powerful training of will power
- leadership skills to speak on public
- cost of sport equipment is very low
- you don't need to have strong muscles and flexible body
- you don't need to spend years in gym before participating in the first tournament
- in addition to just entertaining the public, you bring real benefit to thousands of people
- competition of athletes is very low here
- you are always gold medal winner

Past weekends videos from Seattle. How Amazon supports crime of its employees

Publishing these only now while staying in NY

Hey Manhattan

Amazon stop hate against employees


That's nice. In NY Amazon security building guys are forced to join my protest.

NY is the only state where my favorite super hero supports me!

Monday, March 18, 2019

New day - new protest!

Amazon stop hate against employees

New protest - new banner!

I am sorry, I can't change the banner every day. It costs $100. Even with software engineer salary I can't afford that. Paying attention to that I am on long term leave now without income.
Who said protest is painful? Protest is kind of fun! What is really painful - to work for Amazon.

Why spending time on editing videos if we can just press pause-record multiple times on the phone?

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Amazon treats people worse than slaves

Spartacus had better working conditions than Amazon employees.

I know, I know. I hear your voices. I hear, "Oleg you cannot be credible if you tell such absurd".
Earlier people blamed me for comparison of Jeff and Adolf [Hitler].
I am so sorry. Now I say: "Jeff forgive me. I placed you at the same line with Adolf".
I was wrong. I misrepresented the facts. The true was not like that.
Jeff was not at the same line with Adolf. Jeff is worse than Adolf.

Hitler committed genocide based on the racial discrimination. Jeff places people on the risk of death just because he is interested. He is interested what is the natural limit of human? How much weight can he lift? How many days he can work without sleeping? How many injuries can he get before dying? Even Adolf did not perform such inhuman experiment.

People tell to me: Jeff didn't kill children. Well, technically Hitler did not shoot any single child. He placed them in poisonous gas cameras. Jeff placed people in bruising workplaces. While employees suffered at work, their children suffered at home. Because employees were prevented to treat sick children. Jews died in gas cameras. Amazon employees committed suicides at their workplaces.

Some children of Amazon employees died. I know, you want to read it again. I know, you think somebody will sue me for defamation. I know, you work for Amazon and your child could be safe. But not for everybody. Just to be clear, I will confirm and emphasize this multiple times.
Children of Amazon employees died.
Children of Amazon employees died.
Children of Amazon employees died.

Hitler killed millions. Amazon employs half a million. But Jeff has plenty of time yet. Company has monopoly power, financial resources, media connections and affects politicians. It is hard to stop them. Amazon grows. Company has perfect perspectives to get at Adolf level in the future.

Let's get back to Spartacus. Slave owner was interested to feed his slaves and treat them. They costed money to him. They were useful because they did hard job. They could be sold for money. Slave owner was not interested in dead slaves. Yes, slave owner could punish his slaves for being lazy e g. But he considered them in the same way as good farmer considers his cows. Good farmer hopes to get milk from cow for a years, bad farmer kills his cows every day.

Amazon treats its employees worse than slaves. Just for experiment (curiosity, game), employees are forced to work until the "limit". And the limit is never reachable, according to official company mission. The only way to know the limit is the moment of death.
In the wild nature, predator does not kill victim for "game", for "experiment".

Amazon is the behemoth. This monster is worse than slave owner, worse than Hitler, worse than scary animal predators. We learn history and judging offenders of the past. But the real offender, the worst offender of the human history is right here, right there in front of our eyes. Hidden behind the wall of lying.

Amazon hires employees remotely in other countries, while US locals don't want to work there

Horrible working conditions at Amazon resulted in the following. Obviously, less and less people want to work there. Like in my previous posts, I make a distinction between white collars and blue collars. Among white collars, I highlight group of software engineers because
1) I am an engineer and I work for Amazon;
2) Engineers is more "unique" labor force and thus more sensitive to working conditions.

Blue collars are less sensitive to working conditions. They often have no choice. Amazon takes major part of labor market and holds power of monopoly. They cannot dictate their demands. Because Amazon says: "if you don't like it - quit; we have 10 other guys applying for this position". And this is true.

As I did often before, I discuss work perspectives for software engineers again. Software engineers started running away from Amazon few years ago. This was logical reaction to bruising workplace.

How did Amazon react? Amazon started hiring engineers remotely from other countries. This practice became successful. These guys are doing the same job but they are paid 10 times less. Hereby, "10" is real average number. They don't come to US, they don't need visas. All they need is laptop and Internet. Remote location does not affect software engineering as long as you have Internet and can speak English.

Teams from different countries started working on the same projects together. They have common managers, common access to network resources etc. In fact, people from different countries became one team. Sounds like a good story? International culture exchange? Power of diversity? Nope.

Imagine the following. You and your colleagues are working on the same project, doing the same job, have similar responsibilities. But your colleague is paid 10 times more for the same job. Do you like him? He could be nice guy, but your human nature earlier or later will start hate against him. That is hard to imagine. But I witnessed this hate. It is not fault of some person. It is fault of the system, of the company.

Moreover. Imagine you are the manager of the team. You can push guys from another countries as much as you want. They can be paid less and work more. Their countries have different culture, different laws. Small salary makes them happy. Discrimination can be absolutely legal and normal in these countries. But as a manager you assign similar work load to all the team members. That means, if foreign guys are working more, why US locals should take a rest? You applied for work in US. But while working in US you meet working conditions of e g Asia applied to you.

If you join Amazon in US, you join Amazon in other countries. Sitting in Seattle, you will compete with engineers sitting abroad. And you will be treated like them. Don't worry, your salary will not be consequently decreased. But your working conditions will be the same as for them in their countries.
Otherwise, Amazon has no benefit from hiring you in US.

Why should Amazon hire the engineer in US who knows his civil rights and who demands 10 times more salary? Instead of him, Amazon has an option to hire 10 engineers abroad and forget about any civil rights. Foreign engineers are employed by foreign companies affiliated with Amazon. Their employees are not subject to US labor legislation.

Conclusion? Don't apply work there

3 crimes stories of Amazon

Amazon farm

Friday, March 15, 2019

I am at Doppler

Protesting near of the Doppler today.
Ordered new banner. Re branding is coming next week.
Good news: it is warm in Seattle. Now I can protest longer without risk of becoming iceman.
Guys who passed by to share support helped me with photos. Thanks a lot to them.

Now I know another reason, why Amazon encourages dogs at work. Dogs do their business (go to restroom) right near of the sidewalk at the street. Right on the ground, sometimes right on the sidewalk. This makes it impossible to stay at the sidewalk for a long time - because of smelling. To do public protest, you need to stay at sidewalk for a long time.
Amazon encourages dogs at work to prevent public protests.

Not being modest, I admit the supporters often call me brave guy. But it is easy to be brave. It costs just $2. You can buy courage at any Starbucks or McDonald's:
- Large coffee $2
- 4 spoons of sugar $0
- Listen AC/DC on YouTube $0
If Peter did it - we also can do this.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

How to get relief from stress when working at Amazon

My good tradition: to have lunch after protest in the nearest Whole Foods. Hopefully, they don't kick me out of the store unless I protest in front of it.
I am more happy, I have less stress. Here is why:

Everybody has a legal right to tell "Back off" when Amazon supervisor bullies him. But not everybody remembers that.

Protest at Ruby again. Why single protest is most efficient type of protest

Amazon is lucky to have no headquarters in Florida. Seattle rain and cold prevents me from protesting more than 2 hours a day. And for this month more than 3 times a week.
In Florida, I would protest 24 hours a day having no weather obstacles.

At Amazon fulfillment center

I need to admit the external area is nice, quiet and pacifying. Amazon knows how to choose areas to mitigate abnormal stress of employees.

After hunger strike, I needed few days to recover. I was weak. I was feeling myself like shit. Didn't protest a lot. But hopefully health will improve and I could come back to this professional sport.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Jeff Bezos is a super hero!

While I am taking rest from protests: here is my chatter about who is the real superhero.
But before that let's see what my compatriot Colossus says:
Please disregard reaction of Deadpool this time.

The short answer is: superhero is inside of everybody. That means everybody can be superhero.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

03/06/2019. Protest near of Amazon Ruby building

Amazon security are nice guys. They make photos of me, document and report everything to their management. But they are almost always polite and friendly.

In fact they work for vendor (not Amazon itself). And many shared their own complaints about Amazon.

It is not a surprise, free speech is restricted again during the protest at Amazon. Building manager "Ashley" tried to kick me out because "there is electric poll near of my banner".

Then 911 was called to kick me out.

In 2 minutes 911 guys went away. I stayed and protested for 2 hours more.

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

03/05/2019. I am back.

I am still weak. Yes I am. If you want to know that feeling - try to live without water and food 5 days.
But I can walk. I can think. I can look. And hopefully (though it is more difficult) I can grab my banner.
The conclusion is obvious. I am back. Today I will be near of the Amazon Spheres.
Hunger strike is over but I still have my old banner: "Insist on the high standards of protest".

Remaining days number in campaign: 365.

And we have live broadcast from the Amazon CEO office:
And another live broadcast from the Amazon Ambassador bots camp reacting to my return:

Btw, I found new sense of hunger strike.

Protested today for 2 hours. I am the local local landmark yet.

Again, I don't want to harm Amazon or Jeff. I believe my speech is a feedback that should help the company to become better. The company should not restrict or fight free speech.
After my protests, Amazon "mitigated" the conflict and transferred me to another team. However, I am afraid: as soon as I come back to work, I will meet HR hearing:

Monday, March 4, 2019

03/04/2019. I am still alive

Will go to doctors and do numerous tests today at the clinic.
Still feel myself weak.
Now I drink and eat. Coming back to normal course gradually: food is not heavy, mostly fruits.
And we have exclusive interview with Amazon HR Director:
Previous day of protest

Sunday, March 3, 2019

03/03/2019. End of hunger strike

No weighing today.. Hunger strike is ended..
Another video about how Amazon cares about employees' health:

Today my mind is empty. Thus, I am posting video about nothing...
Next day of protest
Previous day of protest

Saturday, March 2, 2019

03/02/2019. Hunger strike. Day 5. My body starts shutdown

Hunger strike. No food. No water. Until Amazon changes inhuman policies.

10 am
Weighing. My weight today is 155.6 lbs. Lost around 3 lbs for the last day.
Today is weekend. There is no sense to protest at the Amazon office if nobody is there. But this does not mean I should stop the fasting.
Btw note: Why Amazon needs dogs in the office?
Another note: how Amazon restricts free speech. On the video I forgot to mention that Amazon attorneys sent motion to the Judge complaining about my protests :)
2 pm
I attended the doctor.

Of course there is weight loss (don't forget my diet is the most efficient one :)

Blood pressure is normal. Everything else is mostly ok. Doctor ordered to make a test of kidney just to make sure.

According to the science kidney is the most important thing that can be harmed during the fasting. The test results should be ready in 2 hours.
Now chances of Amazon to stop my protest by involuntary admitting me to the hospital are lower.

5 pm
Doctor called me to discuss test results. He says, my body starts shutdown.
He ordered to drink water immediately. On Monday I will take new tests.
Good bye "hunger strike without water".
I did it for 5 days. Not bad. Most people predicted I will die in 3 days. Record блядь.

5:30 pm
Live broadcast from the Amazon CEO office. Amazon guys celebrate relief from hunger strike protests.

The only good news is simple water now gives me more pleasure than orgasm ...

Amazon can count this as a small victory. Wait a minute.. We have another live broadcast from Amazon CEO office:

My hunger strike is officially over. Due to last medical exam the only to things can happen if I would not drink and eat:
- Body will end up with shutdown
- I will be involuntary admitted to the hospital as per Washington State Law
In the involuntary hospital, it could be something like that:

Friday, March 1, 2019

03/01/2019. Hunger strike. Day 4.

Hunger strike. No food. No water. Until Amazon changes inhuman policies.

5 am
Yesterday in the evening I was tired. And went to bed early. Slept 10 hours.
Today feeling myself almost ok. Not so energized, but not so bad. Yesterday in the morning it was better.
Still continue using restroom, in average once a day. Body extracts just a bit of liquid despite on that I don't consume anything.
Soon will post weighing.

7 am
Definitely I am tired again. Fall asleep and slept 3 hours till 10 am. Soon will do weighing and move to the city for protest.

10 am
My weight as of today is 159.2 lbs. For the last day I lost almost 2 lbs.

1 pm
I am near of the Van Vorst Amazon building. 

Amazon security guard again made photo of me. Asked about new leaflets. Amazon security guys make much more photos of me than other people on the street. Maybe security promote their own Instagram? 😎

Physical conditions:
I feel myself more weak. It was not easy to grab the banner with tripod and chair from 4th Ave to Van Vorst building. Maybe next time will take a bus. But moving makes my mood better. Maybe because of intense breathing and blood circulation.
Body generates more heat. Before the fasting I was feeling myself colder in the same weather conditions. 
I feel pleasure of breath. If I don't drink, body takes the water from the air.
I feel need to go to nature: park, forest, ocean etc. Nature affects body better during the fasting. In all the religions fasting is associated with "unity with nature and the world".

Amazon bots suggested me to turn off anonymous comments on the blog. Then I will not hear dirt from Amazon responses. Well, this is good idea. I turned off the anonymous comments. But bots are right: supporters also will not be able to post comments anonymously. Sorry guys. Amazon is posting so much dirt - I can't sustain with that.

2:30 pm
People approached me on the street. They support my fight against Amazon policies. But they absolutely discourage hunger strike. Everybody bring 2 reasons:
1) It is risky for life. Respectfully I don't agree because I made a lot of research about the fasting. It is not that simple. I will not die in 3 days. It is 4th day of fasting and I am still alive.
2) Amazon will not react. Because Amazon doesn't care about health of employees. I agree 100%. The only official response I got from Amazon is insulting in social networks like "you are asshole, low performer, we will deport you from the country etc".

Social worker called me from the clinic. Amazon complained to the clinic, that they "worried about my health during the hunger strike". Amazon worries only about harm to its business as a result of the protest. Thus, Amazon calls to clinics hoping that I will be involuntary admitted to the hospital as an "idiot" and protest would end. If Amazon would really worry about health of employees, Amazon would change policies harming health of thousands of employees and their families.

Yesterday HR Director approached me on the street. She said, that I need "mental counselling". This is the official position of Amazon: if you protest on public against Amazon inhumane policies, you need mental counselling. I responded, that she needs to change Amazon policies. She said, that "Amazon always prioritize the health of its employees". I was shocked. I suggested to her to discuss Amazon policies in front of the camera and publish this video on YouTube. Then she will have a chance to tell to public, how nice are the Amazon policies "prioritizing employees health". She did not respond yet.

As many of you know, I tried to start litigation against Amazon. After I started protests, Amazon decided to prevent my first amendment right using its attorneys. Attorneys asked Judge to dismiss my motions because "I am protesting". This becomes funny. Amazon wants to prevent the fundamental legal right of First Amendment by paying to legal professionals and praying to Judge.

Why Amazon waste so much efforts on preventing my protests? Better Amazon would just openly speak on public: "Back off, we don't want your protests". Everything is clear and simple.

4 pm
I am tired to seat at one place. For some reason body asks for moving. Will go to library and then to home.

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