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02/17/2019. I am not attacking, I am defending. Demanding to change Amazon policies

Insist on the highest standards of oppression to our families. I am an engineer at Amazon: 2017-present.

Another weekend. Sunday gives time to take a shower and prepare for upcoming strike.
Looking forward to act tomorrow.

People tell me: "Why do you need this attack? What are you starting this war for?"
Well, I do not advise anyone to misrepresent the intentions.
I don't attack. I didn't start the war. I am defending myself. I was attacked. The war has been started against me.
I lost the most valuable things - honor, civil rights, dignity.
I will not give up until I get everything back.
Ok let's go.
It is enough. Enough pain, enough fascism and genocide. If we will not stop them, they will go further. I would like Amazon to change inhuman policies.
To stop oppression, discrimination, mockery and humiliation the company should:
  • Remove leadership principle "Insist on highest standards". Leaders have relentlessly high standards, so high that many people may think these standards are unreasonably high if they harm health, lives of employees and their relatives. Leaders are continually raising the bar and driving their teams to deliver high quality products, services and processes, so parents can't see children, relatives are dying not saying good bye last time. Leaders ensure that defects do not get sent down the line and that problems are fixed so they stay fixed because it is more important than simple humanity. This leadership principle is official approval for oppression of employees families as much as managers can.
  • Remove leadership principle "Are Right, A Lot". Leaders are right a lot. They have strong judgment and good instincts. In fact this sounds like "Managers are right a lot". If I disagree with my manager and complain, I am retaliated. Manager is always "right a lot". Respectfully I know a lot of nice and smart engineers and managers in Amazon. But respectfully average Amazon manager is much less qualified then analogue from say Google. Amazon manager usually is qualified neither with technical nor with managing skills. Thus, we finally have: Non-qualified are right a lot. Then it is not a surprise that non-qualified are right in oppression, are right in discrimination, are right in their stupidity.
  • Remove leadership principle "Have Backbone; Disagree and Commit". Leaders are obligated to respectfully challenge decisions when they disagree, even when doing so is uncomfortable or exhausting. Leaders have conviction and are tenacious. They do not compromise for the sake of social cohesion. The reason for removal here is the same as for principle "Are Right, A Lot". It is lie to say that both manager and employee have the same equal rights applying this principle. The change I propose is the same: "It is prohibited to retaliate in any way against the subordinate for opposing the opinion of the supervisor".
  • Implement HR policy against discrimination based on the association with disabled person. Employees having disabled children and relatives should not be discriminated. This is a federal law: Americans with Disabilities Act 42 U.S. Code § 12112 (b)(4). Many horrible examples are described in well-cited NYT article. For example Amazon employee was disciplined because her father was was dying. Amazon promised multiple times to change its policies but they lied. HR policy still allows to all the managers such type of discrimination. It is not toxic people, it is toxic culture.
  • Stop prohibiting free speech at the "pivot appeal" procedure. This is a fake "court" created by the company to show visibility of justice against terminated and poor-performing employees. Famous Bloomberg article calls it "Kangaroo court". The most interesting thing is HR prohibits to employees tell about discrimination, mockery, hostility and retaliation of their manager during this appeal. So, this "court" judges can't see the real reasons of the conflicts between the manager and subordinate. It would be honored for Amazon if they could roll back and reverse all the previous unfair pivot decisions.
  • Implement HR policy against retaliation for taking leave to take care for sick children/dependents. Retaliation is illegal under both federal and state laws. But it is allowed by Amazon policy.
  • Change policies about HR investigations of complaints made by employees. As at now, Amazon employee almost has no chance if he complains about his manager. HR makes a visibility of investigation to tell later in the court: "we did what we can". HR protects company from employees, HR does not protect employees. Investigation mostly results in nothing. Then, often immediately after investigation employee meets retaliation by manager and termination. Investigation is performed solely by HR specialist. In the beginning of the investigation, this HR says something like "I am independent, I am a part of the separate Employee Relationship department". In fact this Human Bullshiting department is part of HR and subordinates to HR head. There is no independence. To be fair, investigation should be performed in a way of "pivot appeal" without restriction of free speech: employee should have a chance to speak about discrimination and hostility of the manager, present evidence and get justice from independent randomly chosen colleagues.
  • Inform employees of all levels and all badge colors whether working for Amazon or for vendors about changed policies. Make it necessary for blue badge managers to pass the training about new policies.
  • Implement HR policy against punishing employees for filing feedback about supervisor in Amazon Connect or any other system. Implement HR policy making Amazon Connect reports about the manager not visible to the next 3 management levels up of this manager.
  • Abandon shameful program for manipulating public opinion in social networks. It is disrespectful to any information consumer who thinks he has a right to know the true. It is a fundamental First Amendment right. If Amazonian sends referral for Amazon job to his friend, Amazon asks him for a post on social network: they think only happy employees can send referrals, they don't ask unhappy employees for social networks posts. Amazon reputation is the direct result of its oppression policies. To change reputation, they should change the policies. They can't change reputation paying for posts in social networks. It would be honored for Amazon to make a roll back and remove all the fake accounts and posts.
  • Immigration benefits should not be subject to manager's approval. Once employee is hired, his immigration benefits should be approved automatically. Nobody should have a right to stop the sponsorship until employee quits. Otherwise it gives to managers a wide range of options for oppression and discrimination. Manager knows, he can force this guy to work 16 hours a day + weekends because he in fact has a power to deport subordinate out of the country. Btw discrimination based on immigration status is prohibited by the federal law. But in fact it is allowed in Amazon.
  • Prohibit illegal tracking of employees' privacy at restrooms at the fulfillment centers. Prohibit to track schedules of using restrooms. Prohibit to retaliate for using restrooms.
  • Review and change fulfillment center work conditions which are detrimental to the health of employees. By work conditions hereby we mean any condition related to work including but not limited to work schedule, work load, work nature etc. For example, it is not detrimental to health to lift 30 pounds of weight. But it is definitely detrimental to do this repeatedly without breaks during 12 hours, 10 times a minute. Even Olympic athletes don't do that. But Amazon warehouse workers do.
  • Allow to all employees to use electronic devices and videotaping inside of fulfillment centers except of places prohibited by law (restrooms etc). Allow to share videos on public except of cases directly prohibited by the law. This make the same sense as for publishing politicians in democracy country. Open people's control is required when power is abused. Definitely Amazon abused its monopoly power if employees die, their children die, become disabled and company doesn't care. Not every employee has financial ability to file a lawsuit and get a jury judgment. But everybody should be able to attract public attention and to get public judgment. Amazon has no commercial secrets to hide in the warehouse. Company even provides tours for medias allowing to videotape its robots. The only business secret company hides is abusive culture. Amazon explains it prohibits electronics at warehouse to avoid theft. Company is not afraid of theft. What can employee put in his small pocket? Toilet paper? New $10 earphones? Company is afraid of greater loss. Video footage from inside of warehouse will cost to company $millions of reputation lost in case of publication.
  • Prohibit any retaliation for attempts to unionize. This right is protected by the Federal law but not by the Amazon policy
  • Prohibit to commit hate crime. Make it compulsory to investigate the crime.
  • Prohibit to segregate teams based on race, national origin or nationality. Americans don't want to work for Amazon anymore due to inhumane working conditions. Thus, Amazon hires immigrants. This often results in segregation.
  • Outsource HR investigations to the independent contractor (e. g. legal firm). Amazon is famous by its fake HR investigations with significant bias. HR protects company from employees, HR does not protect employees. Thus, employees' complaints should be investigated by the independent party. (Added 05/14/2019).
  • New improper Amazon policy found: "Act in the best interest of the company" Thispolicy should be removed as possibly illegal. The law protects employees' rights for self-organizing, fighting for the better working conditions and unionizing. But unionizing of employees is not "in the best interest of the company". The law protects employees from discrimination and retaliation. However it is not "in the best interest of the company" to investigate the discrimination complaint. Moreover, Amazon shows it is "in the best interest of the company" to retaliate. (Added 05/24/2019)
  • Amazon should issue the policy prohibiting the company and it's agents/contractors to spy on the employees by hiring private detectives. (Added 05/30/2019) 
  • Amazon implements job contracts providing non-compete agreements. That means, after termination or quitting the company, employee is prohibited to work for competitor or to create a competing business. Amazon is already subject of anti-monopoly agency FTC attention. If Amazon would not have monopoly power, it would not be able to commit outrageous experiments with employees' lives. Thus, the monopoly should be restricted. This is another reason to update our demand to change Amazon policies. Amazon should abandon non-compete employment contracts. (Added 06/19/2019)
  • Amazon should inform employees that the company will take back part of their salary (sign in bonus) right in the text of the job offer, before signing. While US army can have sign in bonus as a honored service, Amazon jobs are never honored. Thus, it is better for Amazon to remove sign in bonus at all. The sign in bonus should become a part of regular salary which not to be taken back by the company in any circumstances. (Added 07/17/2019)
  • Amazon should stop setting up fake requirements to medical documents of disabled employees. (added 10/01/2019)
  • Amazon should abandon secret and unfair procedure of coaching plan. (added 10/04/2019)
You can say that these demands are unreasonable. Well, I have an answer. By setting high demands, I am following Amazon leadership principle "Insist on highest standards". Its description  says: "Leaders have relentlessly high standards, so high that many people may think these standards are unreasonably high if they harm health, lives of employees and their relatives. Leaders are continually raising the bar".

Next day of protest

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