Thursday, February 28, 2019

02/28/2019. Hunger strike. Day 3. Amazon Spheres

Hunger strike. No food. No water. Until Amazon changes inhuman policies.

In the end of the life we will not be proud about a huge number of comments we left on the Internet remaining Anonymous. But we will be proud about doing things that nobody has done before.
In the end of the life we will not be proud about huge part of life spent working for Amazon.
Oh yes. And daily weighing. Body adjusted to fasting conditions and for now my weight is 161 lbs. So I lost only 1.5 lb.
For the last days I don't get much comments on my blog. Yesterday I got the one and to be honest I deleted it. I was tired, stressed, depressed. I shouldn't delete this comment. It was made by Mr Anonymous. Finally I realized this comment is in my favor. That was a link with video "Who the hell cares?"
Earlier I got messages from other guys supporting me saying: your action is not efficient. Amazon doesn't care about you. Amazon even doesn't care about health of warehouse workers. Ambulance is staying near of the warehouse instead of providing healthy working conditions. My response is: this is the exact sense of my action. To show, to prove: Amazon doesn't care about our health, Amazon doesn't care when employees die, Amazon doesn't care when their relatives die. I am on the 3rd day of hunger strike without water and I feel myself the winner. Amazon doesn't react at all. Can the evidence be more clear than that?

Physical condition:
I feel myself warmer. Weather in Seattle is almost the same. But the body warms itself more. There is some biological process: the more warm - the less water, hence the less water - the more warm.
Brain works well, I can work with laptop like in normal course of things.
And I save a lot of time by not eating :)

9:30 am

I am near of Amazon Spheres, at my usual place.

First things first. Need to set up the banner.

Bungee cords is the necessary thing any protester should have.

If there are public bars, trees etc which are not private - they can help to hold the banner

Everything is ready. Now sitting with laptop and relaxing
And relaxing again

Here is how other Amazonians see me

And here is how I see them


If somebody sees my face and thinks I am sad because of strike - I am not. I am sad because I read news update about another suicide committed at Amazon fulfillment center by Amazon worker.

We meet here with international journalists making documentary movie about Amazon. Oh, it is hard job to be an actor.

We spent here a lot of time while operator made videos from multiple positions. Journalists were so nice, I did everything I could for them. The more people will know the true about Amazon the better.

Apart from European journalists, people on the street make photos of me.

Amazon security saw the big camera of journalists and approached us immediately.

Initially, they started assembling in the hallway of Amazon

They told about rights (or having no rights) to stay at Amazon property etc. Finally they agreed we are on the public sidewalk.

If Amazon prevents journalists from shooting protest, what does Amazon hide? We know.

Amazon security leave the scene without hope to stop my videotaping

They can't do anything with us while we are on the public sidewalk (which is property of people, not of Amazon)

I made few shots of security guy on my phone. He asked me to stop taping. I said, no. When I protested near of Van Vorst Amazon building, security guys video taped my leafleting, myself, told me directly that they "will document everything". When I made a shot of security, they asked me to stop. Where is the logic?

Other people can come and stay in between of Amazon Spheres. Nobody is asked to leave. But when journalists videotaping protest, Amazon asks to leave its property immediately. There is something this company is hiding.

Guys from union for service workers working for Amazon told me they are even prohibited to make posts on social networks. That sucks.

11 am
I am completely out of electricity. I forgot to charge power bank and laptop yesterday falling sleep.

Now going to Seattle Central Library for electricity and to make myself warm.
Tomorrow I will be between Seattle Times and Amazon Arizona following advice in the comment.
Then I can get attention of both.

1:30 pm
Got some charge for laptop and power bank. Instead of Spheres, I will go to Amazon Arizona now. Why wait? Will be there in about 1.5 hour.
I spoke with Seattle Times journalist. He also told me about some terrible cases that he heard from Amazon employees. But nobody promise to make a publication :( Instead they suggested working for Seattle Times as an engineer.. I am not looking for a job yet ...

Posted petition at Care2 here. I have no opportunity to promote it. But if you can, please sign it. Even if it will get 10 signatures, I will be happy.

In the end of the day I got official response from the Amazon. It was very simple: "You are asshole, ... low performer, ... criminal, .... need to kick your ass..." You don't believe?
My manager Uwais Khan has nothing else to respond. He didn't argue with my story. He didn't argue about facts of oppression. The only thing he can respond is to post some unrelated dirt about me. Which is related neither to my story nor to the Amazon. Unless "Anonymous" guys send me their names, photos and badges, by default I admit this as an official response from Amazon. The only guy interested to insult me is my manager Uwais Khan. When I complained about him to HR, he laughed together with HR in front of my face. He is still laughing.


  1. You are brave for doing this. Please do the strike in front of Seattle Times office on 1000 Denny Way Seattle, WA 98109. Media could pick up your story. Captcha for some reason was really hard and failed many times.

    1. Sorry about Captcha... Thanks a lot for great idea!

  2. Hello Oleg,

    There is nothing like a lawsuit. It will be more economical if you join a class-action lawsuit with other oppressed employees. Amazon will most likely ignore your protest given that the media has shied away from reporting it.

    Besides that, the title of your protest has a logical mistake. In English, if you say "insist on highest standards of opression", you mean that you are demanding for more oppression, no opposing it.

    I suggest you end up your hunger strike and be more methodical. No employer is worth skipping a meal. A lawsuit is the best option. Ask your lawyer to send a legal notice to your HR and take it from there.

    1. Thank you for the comment. The class action is a good idea.
      For now, I changed the banner. During the hunger strike the second banner does not contain "insist on the highest standards..."

  3. A legal notice from an attorney has to be compulsorily replied and is a more efficient way getting a response from the outfit.

    1. Thank you. I tried to start litigation, but seems to be it will last for years

  4. If there are journalists in the area covering your protest, then continue with the hunger strike. They may not file their reports immediately but it may eventually get published.