Tuesday, February 26, 2019

02/26/2019. Hunger strike. Day 1.

Hunger Strike. No food. No water. Until Amazon changes inhumane policies.

Hunger strike without water. Day 1.
Let's go.

I declare hunger strike without food, without water, without anything else (vitamins etc). The only thing I take in is air.
Since yesterday night, I didn't eat, didn't drink anything.
I strike because I want Amazon to change its inhumane policies. My proposal of changes is here.

My story of oppression at Amazon is here.
Since my first publication, a lot of people contacted me and shared their stories. They asked me to continue fighting because I fight not for myself only. Thousands of employees at Amazon suffer and it is not normal. It is not just single example. It is toxic culture growing from toxic company policies. If nobody stops this, they will go further.
It is not normal that employees are punished because their parents are dying. It is not normal that employees are punished because their children are disabled. It is normal that employees are prevented to use restrooms and peeing in the bottles. Every year situation becomes worse. Google it if you didn't do so yet, and you will be surprised. The situation in Amazon is so bad, then the company even pays money for posts of bots on the Internet to somehow improve its reputation.

I personally confirm this because I worked for Amazon since 2017. If we will not stop them what will be next year? Every year the company becomes more rich and powerful. The later we start to oppose the more difficult it will be.

I don’t fight against Amazon. I don’t fight against its business. I wish to Amazon and Jeff the best. Rather I fight against the toxic culture and oppression. I fight against its policies and principles. By taking this feedback Amazon can become more successful company. In the long term, they can’t sustain on the principles of inhumanity.

Initially my plan was:
In the morning, I will come to Whole Foods at Denny way and stay there with the banner. Yeah, it is funny to hunger strike in front of the store which is full of food. But this is the most crowded place. Then I can attract much attention. Also on the other side of the road there is Amazon HR building. They will see my banner every day. Then everybody will know their reaction or lack of reaction. Nobody could tell “Amazon didn’t know about that”.
But Whole Foods (owned by Amazon) asked me to leave. Now I will stay near of the Spheres, on the side of 6th Ave. Forgive me Amazon, I will use your Internet.

It is cold outside. While fasting, I will feel colder. Thus, I will make breaks by making myself warm in the nearest store, cafe, my friend’s car or library. According to scientists, first days my body will even need restroom. I will clean teeth and if possible take a shower. Science tells body smells not good during starvation.
To avoid accusations of eating or drinking something, I want to make everything clear and transparent. Thus, every day I will make weighing, videotaping it and posting online. Anyone is welcome to approach me in person and ask to demonstrate weighing.
My weight as of today is 168 lbs.

Unfortunately, I can’t sleep near of Amazon office during such cold nights (but I would like). Thus, I will go my place in the northern Seattle until the next morning.

Today I have sent email to Jeff at jeff@amazon.com with the contents of this post.
In response to NYT article, Jeff sent email to everybody saying “if you know of any stories like those reported, I want you to escalate to HR. You can also email me directly at jeff@amazon.com. Even if it’s rare or isolated, our tolerance for any such lack of empathy needs to be zero”.
Let’s see whether tolerance of Jeff to that is zero or not. It was 3 years after NYT publication. Culture is still the same.

I you support me, please share this post to anywhere on the Internet. Send the link to your friend - even that helps.
If you disagree with me, just show up, come and discuss. Write me a message. Locate me on Facebook. Give me a call. I promise open discussion with anyone who can open himself and bring arguments without insulting. Don’t stay anonymous. Don’t let others think you are Amazon Ambassador troll. You risk nothing if you tell your name whether in person or on the Internet and bring true logical arguments.

PS: I am not kidding, I'm not bluffing.

9 am.
Came to Whole Foods
Fixed the banner on the wall.

9:20 am. Free speech is restricted again. Whole Foods manager called sheriff and they approached me together. By sheriff I mean real big guy with a gun, form and cool black glasses. Manager asked me stop doing it near of the Whole Foods. Well, I am not surprised because of the following. Amazon officially bought Whole Foods. There was a homeless guy right near of me near of the Whole Foods. He was there for the last 2 weeks every day (I saw him during the protest). He was never asked to go away. As soon as I started hunger strike, I was asked.

9:40 am. Maybe this is even better. Instead of Whole Foods, I can strike right near of the Amazon building. For now I am near of the Spheres, on the side of 6th Ave. I changed the initial description of the post. I took the public sidewalk (property of the City of Seattle). Now I can be asked to leave only if Jeff would bribe the City.
Short video of today:

5 pm.
It became really cold. Spoke with few people and went home. I feel myself tired. Just need to charge electronics, then sleep and come back tomorrow to Spheres. Maybe watch some movie about public protests.

Next day of protest
Previous day of protest


  1. If somebody needs effective diet, I can share the one

  2. https://www.businessinsider.com/how-many-days-can-you-survive-without-water-2014-5

    1. Thank you. The article says: "If it's cooler, you can go a little longer". It's cold in Seattle now :)

    2. Just saying man, if you're still alive in 3-4 days you're probably cheating

  3. That is like if I would say something like "You are probably bot from Amazon Ambassador program". I am not sure but probabaly... That's why I do not make such allegation.
    That's why I do weighing (see in the post). You are welcome not to be "Anonyous", come in person, confirm the weight. Or stay with me 24 hours to get all the evidence for your accusations ...

    1. Man, you'll die fairly soon if you don't drink water.

    2. I researched that and I have some experience with diets... That will not be tomorrow..