Sunday, February 24, 2019

02/24/2019. Amazon pays for posts in social networks

Insist on the highest standards of oppression to our families. I am an engineer at Amazon: 2017-present.

Happy Sunday. Looking forward for big protest on Tuesday.
Apart from that, a bit of fun. Sad fun. I mean it is funny and sad at the same time. Funny because people are laughing on that. Sad because it is true. Amazon pays to its employees for posts on social networks about the company.

Amazon asks only "loyal" employees for posts:
- those who worked for some time
- those who made referral to Amazon job to his friend
Last year my friend asked me to send Amazon opening to him.
I SWEAR UNDER OATH I was personally asked to make a post on the social networks. Not but my manager. In that case he is not guilty.

Respectfully Jeff raised the minimum wage to $15/hour. But only after Senator forced him to do so. But what if a person who is not a Senator asks Jeff?
Company harms itself. For example some people criticize them. I respectfully respond to some of them and sometimes admit the feedback. Critics of some of these people is very reasonable. However Amazon Ambassador makes us thinking that ALL of them are bots. Even those who are real.

We need black glasses to distinguish Amazon Ambassador guys on the Internet.

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  1. You weren't forced to write the posts, you were asked right.

    1. It's not in your best interests to reply like that to the people who could potentially take your side.

    2. I don't want to say something bad. If you could provide more details to your question I can provide detailed answer

    3. My question was how exactly they asked you to write the posts, because context is really important here.

      Many companies do ask employees something along the lines 'if you enjoy working here we'd appreciate you sharing it'. I don't think it's something inherently bad (if only slightly annoying) as it's voluntary, just like online shops may ask you to leave a review on the product you purchased.

      If Amazon forced you to do that (that includes asking in a way you didn't feel comfortable denying) it's much worse and you should share it as wide as you can.

    4. You are correct. Nobody forced me with a gun or with disciplinary action. I am looking at that in the same way as:
      - Nobody forces Amazon warehouse employees to work there if they are prevented from using restrooms
      - Nobody forced me to stay at Amazon after oppression of my manager
      - After NYT article about "bruising workplace" Jeff responded with meaning like "nobody force you to stay in such company"
      - In case of hypothetical hard felony at work, nobody force you to stay at such work. Go and work somewhere else. Why complain to police?

  2. Huh, so when company asks to make a post (from comments I infer that was a polite ask without any consequences), this is bad and company must play by rules (that you imagined). However, when the company tried to enforce rules regarding schedule (8 work hours + lunch, leaving 4pm yields arriving at 7 am), that is oppression. Ты уж определить, тебе рыбку съесть или что?

    1. Really, if a casual ask to post on social media means "Amazon pays for posts" and makes all drama, were all other incidents just casual work relations that you took personally and to extreme?