Thursday, February 21, 2019

02/21/2019. How Amazon forces to quit. They don't prohibit discrimination based on the association with disabled relative

Insist on the highest standards of oppression to our families. I am an engineer at Amazon: 2017-present.

And here is the must watch. If you would watch the only one thing of my blog, watch THIS:

6 am. Morning news from the last year:
I admit Jeff raised minimum salary to $15 an hour after that. But only after Senator and Media forced him to do that. The good thing is Amazon fulfillment centers workers can get survival minimum now. But the bad thing is how did they achieve that. Amazon was forced. Amazon understands force only. Amazon will never do good things in good faith.

Running in the night and broadcasting about how Amazon forces to quit:

Looking forward to protest today at the public intersection close to Doppler building. The good thing is I have different feeling about protest yet. 1 week ago it was like a spacecraft launch for me. Today it is like daily routine. Most people go to work daily. I protest daily.

People are writing to me asking not to give up and saying words of support. We can if Liu Kang could. Liu Kang knew how to fight Amazon.

Another note is about Amazon Pivot:

Finally, protest itself:

Next day of protest
Previous day of protest

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