Sunday, February 10, 2019

02/10/2019. Jeff Bezos calls it extortion

Insist on the highest standards of oppression to our families. I am an engineer at Amazon: 2017-present.

That sucks: libraries seems to be are closed again due to snow storm. There is no storm anymore in Seattle but snow is still here. Seattle should be renamed to Alaska-attle.

If I don't find printer today, tomorrow nobody will know about horrors of Mr Bezos.
How can I do leafleting without printer?
Where are all these librarians?!!!!!!
Maybe I am not the best engineer or entrepreneur. And for sure I am not the best yes-man for Bezos to be one of his Amabots. But there is something good I will do in my life. I will stop persecution, oppression and genocide of family members of other Amazon employees who suffer. If I need to stay at the square 5 years 5 days a week I will do it. If I need to perform hunger strike I will. I have no job and my time is free.

My boss will tell I am the worst engineer in the world. You know what? Partially I agree with him. I have done mistakes. Like any of us. But I am not the worst. Even not the worst in our team.
Moreover. Even if I would be the worst engineer in the world, this does not give a right to my boss to violate the law. This does not give him a right for oppression of my family. You don't like my work? Then why didn't you fire me during 2 years?

Last week Jeff Bezos again tried to fight the freedom of speech. He accused media in extortion.
I am laughing. Mr Bezos committed extortion last 15 years towards his employees. How can he accuse somebody else?
How extortion to employees works:
1. Employee becomes a slave by salary and immigration benefits
2. Employer commits oppression, discrimination and hostile environment towards the employee and his family to make him work harder. Amazon prevents treatment of employee relatives and United Nations classifies this activity as a mental torture.
3. Employee cannot quit because of losing immigration benefits resulting in up to deportation from the country.
For me, it is a clear extortion. Hidden statement is: we will terminate you and you will use everything if you complain of stop working. Thus, we ask you to work hard and sustain our tortures.

Btw - got to library. The one near of UW was open even during the "storm"... How can you call this nice Christmas snow a "storm"? I thought the storm is when Dorothy flies in her house through the sky... In Russia we have such storm 9 months a year with a temperature of -22 F.
Anyway I printed almost 300 sheets of true about Amazon. Tomorrow 300 Amazonians will know the True. Jeff, I am coming.

Next day of protest

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