Saturday, February 9, 2019

02/07/2019. Start protesting. Generating courage

Insist on the highest standards of oppression to our families. I am an engineer at Amazon: 2017-present.

“The future depends on what you do today.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

To be honest, in the morning fear of public shame almost caused symptoms of bed wetting.
But Deadpool told me how to manage this fear.

Ok let's go. Real protesters take bus only, never drive the car

My friends made these photos, thanks a lot to them. There are some videos also. I will upload them later, when Internet becomes better. Good idea is to make a documentary short movie about that. YouTube is full of short videos mentioning Amazon. But there is nothing like no 1 or 2 hours movie. I heard some guys are working on that but no result yet.

There was not a lot of people on the street

Thank to my friend who made video. Sorry, I will rotate it later.

And my beautiful back...
Spoke with other engineers

Next day of protest

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