Monday, October 14, 2019

Insist on the highest standards of death. Modified Amazon leadership principle.

We always remember the major Amazon leadership principle: Insist on the Highest Standards with the major Amazon management slogan:
Leaders have relentlessly high standards — many people may think these standards are unreasonably high. Leaders are continually raising the bar ...

Now we can call this principle "Insist on the Highest Standards of death". That is similar to "Insist on the Highest Standards of Oppression".

BuzzFeed reports abnormal level of deaths as a result of Amazon pushing it's drivers and contractors. Drivers are forced to deliver as fast as they can, so they drive too fast and kill pedestrians:

Valdimar Gray was delivering packages for Amazon at the height of the pre-Christmas rush when his three-ton van barreled into an 84-year-old grandmother, crushing her diaphragm, shattering several ribs, and fracturing her skull...
the company’s drivers worked under relentless demands to deliver hundreds of packages each shift ... — at the direction of dispatchers who often compel them to skip meals, bathroom breaks, and any other form of rest, discouraging them from going home until the very last box is delivered...
[And the most outrageous is:]
the e-commerce giant refused to accept any responsibility...
Meanwhile, drivers delivering Amazon packages have been involved in more than 60 serious crashes, including at least 10 that have resulted in fatalities. Numerous contractors have been found by the Labor Department to have underpaid or otherwise exploited workers, federal records show.

Drivers are prevented from taking bathroom breaks? Sounds familiar! Amazon fulfilment center workers have the same problem! Coincidence?

Amazon even found a way how to make software engineers pee in the bottle! Engineer is free use a restroom. However the white collar employee cannot enter the restroom like others if he commits his first amendment rights (protesting):

Meanwhile, Amazon CEO Mr Bezos acquires hundreds of the most expensive real estate objects. E. g. he has multiple houses, luxurious apartment in NY, takes a rest at the Florida resorts etc.

Bezos owns 300,000 acres in the Texas state etc. Btw Texas is the same state where many Amazon workers became disabled as a result of inhuman working conditions.

Insist on the highest standards of injuring and killing employees and pedestrians to make Bezos richer...

Friday, October 4, 2019

Coaching plan - another Amazon trick to cheat employees

Every Amazon engineer and manager knows about the fake Amazon performance improvement programs: "pivot" and "pip" (Performance Improvement Plan). Pivot is a fake procedure because an employee is prohibited to speak during the appeal about violations of the law. Performance improvement plan is also not fair because performance is assessed by the same manager (who placed an engineer on the pip).

However not everybody know about Amazon's top gun: "coaching plan". Some people say it is also called "development plan", some people say both terms are the same. We will call this coaching plan hereby.

This is one of the most powerful Amazon's weapons to get rid of an employee. The secret of the weapon is that the weapon is secret itself. An employee can be placed on the coaching plan without any notification, without any knowledge about it.

In fact, Amazon places a lot of employees on the coaching plan to cover future legal risks. Say the employee gets a nice yearly performance review ("Forte") and works well. However, one day he/she decides to complain about harassment by Amazon manager. The manager retaliates and unfairly terminates the employee via pip/pivot. The employee sues. In the lawsuit, Amazon says: "look, he is a low-performer. He was on the coaching plan since the first month of his work. He was terminated for the low performance".

This is a big surprise for the employee because he didn't know about that before the lawsuit. Amazon secretly built a case against him to cover legal risks. This is another reason to update our demand to change Amazon policies.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Tips, trick and techniques of Amazon HR: how to terminate disabled employee

Amazon is the high-tech company famous for its innovations. Funny thing is the most of the Amazon top technology was purchased (not developed) by Amazon. However the company still has in-house innovations. The most used innovation is the system allowing to screw its own employees with the fake HR.

Some employees complain about the toxic culture because they realize it is not normal. It is not normal that the company oppress families of employees, not only employees themselves. Obviously, the employer than intends to retaliate and terminate complainant in any unlawful and unfair manner. Even if the employee is disabled and on a leave.

Here is the trick innovated by the company to terminate a disabled employee on medical leave. Simple and genius.

To extend his leave, the employee needs to provide medical documentation to the employer on a regular basis. If the employer is Amazon, it is interested to set up impossible requirements for medical documentation. So then HR could say: you did not comply with our requirements, we terminate you.

How to set up impossible requirements? Should the employer ask to comply with some strict 1000 pages standard? Or to make 20 PhDs sign the document? Nope. Everything is much simpler and funny.

Amazon HR asks the employee to provide in the medical documentation evidence that he is disabled and not disabled at the same time. Yep. I should be disabled and not disabled. Only then HR can extend my leave. (Or I should stop to complain and protest).

HR says: should provide prove of the disability and date of the return to work. It goes without saying, if the employee is disabled he cannot return to work. If the employee is able to return to work, he does not need a leave.

This is another reason to ask Amazon to change its fake policies.

Monday, September 30, 2019

What to expect if you apply for a job at Amazon: confidentiality agreement

Recently I found an interesting article that highlights the nature of Amazon culture. Amazon sues its own employees.

The article is of 2014, seems like long time ago. However believe me: for now situation in Amazon only became worse. That was the reason why I filed a lawsuit and complaint to law enforcement agency. Amazon still intends to restrict fair competition by its unfair agreements.

Software engineers, "elite" among employees, are the most valuable, unique and highly paid workforce. Companies fight for the reputation to attract engineers. Employers increase benefits, insurance, working conditions. Google converted its office space to a resort to make it the most attractive place for employees. That's how 21st century companies compete at the labor market.

But there is one company that is not like everybody else. Instead of increasing perks for employees, the company persecute employees. Instead of protecting its own employees, the company sues them. Instead of providing medical help, the company makes employees disabled. Guess what is the name of this unique company? Hint: Major mass media call it "colony of hell".

Amazon? No! Again Amazon! What did they do this time?

The engineer found that toxic culture of Amazon is not for him. Then he decided to apply for a normal company - Google. And Amazon sued him! Most engineers don't want to work for Amazon. And if the employer can't attract people by fair means, it decides to persecute and sue! "If you run away from out slavery system, we will persecute you"

Amazon alleged, its engineer violated the non-competition agreement (prohibiting to work for competitor). As usual, Amazon intends to violate the law, because the colony of hell can't do business in fair way complying with the legal system. Trick is in some states (like California) such agreement is not enforceable by law. The real goal of Amazon is to make employee sign unfair document and make him feel fear of violation.

Many college graduates still apply for Amazon even knowing that this is one of the worst employers. They just have no other choice, have no work experience, trying to get their first line in resume. They think, they can sustain with toxic culture for a year or so, get experience and then run away to normal company.

But there are serious risks of such approach. By applying for a job at Amazon, a person can make his life worse forever (not only for the time of employment). Amazon can sue employee to prevent him find job at a normal company (even warehouse workers). Office and warehouse employees often become disabled till the end of the life as a result of working for Amazon, and the company often provides them no benefits. Children of Amazon employees die, parents prevented to treat them.

I do not discourage anybody to work for Amazon. If a person have no other choice, probably Amazon is a good fit for him/her. But everyone should familiarise himself with all the consequences before taking a decision.

What is the top secret technology Amazon zealously tries to hide? What secret should be kept by every employee under the confidentiality agreement? Unique algorithm of multi flow processing? Cloud server technology not known before? Nope.

The most important technology of Amazon is its toxic culture. Amazon innovated automated systems to track its own warehouse employees. Amazon innovated fake HR structure allowing to persecute employees with impunity. Amazon innovated toxic culture.

Amazon forces employees to sign confidentiality agreement for one certain goal. It is not to prevent theft of code. It is to prevent distribution of information about colony of hell.

In the middle of the XX century Hewlett Packard established basis for caring about employees. HP engineers could play volleyball at work, had flexible working schedule, got free lunches. Later other companies of Silicon Valley followed this practice.

In the XXI century, Amazon established basis for toxic employment culture. Nobody wants to follow this example. Less and less people want to work for Amazon. When engineer at Google is terminated, his manager walks him to the cafe and pays for his drink. When engineer at Amazon protests against toxic culture, his manager harasses him with hate speech and HR covers the manager.

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Daily Beast publication: Amazon pivot for software engineers, my complaint, comments of practicing attorneys

Chinese software engineers say: There are three things I can watch forever: fire, water, Amazon fake pivot program.

Daily Beast today interviewed Amazon software engineers, practicing attorneys and one guy who likes to protest:

Link to article

It goes without saying Amazon Pivot is a pure fake:

Practicing attorneys agree Pivot is fake:

I assume Amazon attorneys will say Pivot is not fake. Well it is expected. Because Amazon pays to its attorneys around $1000 an hour. While Amazon warehouse workers are paid $15 an hour.

Crazy guy who likes to protest also believes Pivot is fake:

Last year first was Bloomberg. The media described how new Amazon program made life of employees even worse.

Link to article

And of course I can't forget crazy protesting guy explaining pivot with bad English:

After all of that Amazon responded to Daily Beast the company wanted to mitigate conflict with crazy guy:

As usual, Amazon commits mockery by its official response. Here is why:

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Finally they did it... Amazon terminated me. And asked me to keep everything in secret.

Is it good or bad news when I am kicked out of Mordor?

No Performance Improvement Plan, no Pivot. No "failed to meet expectations". No appeal.
The last known thing about my performance is nice Forte review of the last year.
In violation of its own policies, Amazon terminated me avoiding any reasonable procedure.
They terminated me during the medical leave.

Today HRs Joel Wilson and Mary-Michelle Brown informed me that they were not kitting threatening me before.

Mary-Michelle reminded:
You have executed a Confidentiality, Noncompetition and Invention Assignment Agreement with the Company. You are reminded that certain provisions of the agreement survive the termination of your employment with the Company and remain in full force and effect.

Amazon again reminds me that I signed agreement to keep crimes of Amazon in secret.

I refuse.

Friday, July 19, 2019

New trick from all and abused Amazon: threat of termination during the leave

I assumed Amazon exhausted all the means of retaliation yet. However I erred.
Amazon Leave team is an independent HR team responsible for evaluating of employees medical documents, granting and extending the leave etc. I was on leave since August of 2018. Every month the team extended my leave.

In June of 2019, I informed Joel Wilson from the Amazon leave team, that I filled charges against Amazon for discrimination, retaliation and violation of unionizing laws. Right on the next month (July) Wilson let me know that my "leave of absence will not be extended" and I am "subject to attendance discipline, up to and including termination, for being away from work without authorization."

Coincidence? If we ask Wilson, he will respond that he is not satisfied with leave documents from my doctor: "it failed to outline your expected period of disability, and did not provide objective documentation of incapacity, restrictions or limitations."

Even if Wilson would be right, there are still questions. Why did Wilson extended my leave during the whole year until I informed him that I filed charges against Amazon? Once I said to Wilson about charges against Amazon, the leave was "magically" terminated.

It goes without saying, Amazon is overwhelmed with toxic culture of retaliation. But there is one more reason for termination. Amazon uses an opportunity to terminate me for "non-attendance" after the leave to prevent from very important activity. If I don't return to work, I can't send working emails and complaints. E. g. last time I sent complaint via the working email, my email was immediately locked.

Friday, July 5, 2019

Amazon software engineers are treated worse than farm 🦆

Amazon treats software engineers worse than farm animals

Amazon software engineers are often forced to work 16 hours a day

Amazon does not want to take liability for crimes of its employees

Here is update from my lawsuit with Amazon. After I started protests, I met flood of hate speech, defamation and harassment committed by official Amazon working emails. Amazon filed its response to my amended complaint. While Amazon employees commit hate speech, Amazon says: the company is not liable for that.

The conclusion is for the current Amazon employees. Company forces employees to follow the leadership principle "Insist on the highest standards" [of oppression]. This results in numerous violations of the law. When victims sue Amazon, Amazon says: company is not liable, even if our individual employees are liable.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Amazon employees should not be afraid to discuss oppression with each other over emails

Few years ago during the litigation with National Labor Relations Board the question of working emails was raised. Employees were officially allowed by the law to discuss working conditions over emails (including oppression, unfair management etc). The case name is Purple Communications, Inc., 361 NLRB 1050 (2014).

Amazon employees live in fear. They are afraid to complain. They are afraid to discuss working conditions. Emails are monitored. It is illegal. Every case of retaliation by the company should be reported to the National Labor Relations Board.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Non-compete agreements for Amazon employees

Amazon implements job contracts providing non-compete agreements. That means, after termination or quitting the company, employee is prohibited to work for competitor or to create a competing business.

Are these contracts legal? Unfortunately, often yes.
Are they fair? Of course not.
Such contracts could be justified for other companies.
However, in case of Amazon this practice supports monopoly.
Amazon is already subject of anti-monopoly agency FTC attention.

If Amazon would not have monopoly power, it would not be able to commit outrageous experiments with employees' lives. Thus, the monopoly should be restricted. This is another reason to update our demand to change Amazon policies. Amazon should abandon non-compete employment contracts.

Monday, June 17, 2019

How to sue Amazon without attorney and without legal skills

E. g. Shao Kahn was a professional lawyer and had a legal license. But this did not help him...

Last year an Amazon employee in Indiana alleged she was wrongfully terminated as a result of discrimination.
She filed a lawsuit without a lawyer.
She did not have a legal degree.
She never had a license of a lawyer.
She even did not use a computer to write a lawsuit complaint!

She did not spend money to file a lawsuit because she asked a Judge to proceed without filing fee (in "forma pauperis"). And the Judge waived this fee.

Amazon hired expensive attorneys. (they usually hire attorney at around $1000 an hour)
These guys moved to dismiss the entire case

How can Plaintiff respond to this professional Motion? How can Plaintiff without legal education argue with armed professionals paid around $1000 an hour? She was not able to cite legal sources and case law. She did what she could. She took the piece of paper and the pen. And she wrote what she thinks.

Guess what was the order of the Court? Court ordered to proceed to the next stage of the lawsuit!
That means, Court refused to dismiss the action (as Amazon pleaded). In fact, Court took the side of the employee (though dismissing part of her claims).

Shortly after, the case was ended. Parties settled.

What is the conclusion? You can sue Amazon if you feel your rights are violated. Even if you have no attorney and if you are not qualified in law. You can sue even if you have no computer to print on. And you can win. This is especially for Amazon. Amazon violated too many laws like no any other company.

Of course, you can lose also. E. g. I fucked up recently in the Court. But even if you lose you lose nothing. And the free legal experience is extremely valuable.

Amazon corporate trolls disturb Instagram

I decided to start Instagram. Just because everybody is instagraming today.
I was terrified and surprised by number of hashtags and accounts related to Amazon jobs.
Then I "dived deep" and guess what...
Amazon paid corporate trolls attempt to somehow improve company's reputation on Instagram!
Once they already were kicked out of Twitter.

Now it is turn for Instagram.

What to do if an employee is placed at the pivot appeal procedure at Amazon (software engineers and others)

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Do not apply for a job at Amazon

You can tell I hurt Amazon business by preventing job applicants to come here.
Nope, it is Amazon who violated numerous laws and thus hurt its own business.
Our goal is to save lives of employees who are not injured yet by Amazon inhuman working conditions.

Update to description of my YouTube videos about work at Amazon

My official blog with the most comprehensive information about how to oppose oppression at Amazon:

My twitter where I just started posting 1-minute videos

My Facebook, where you can message me and ask questions privately:

My Instagram, just because everybody have Instagram today:

Informal group of opposing Amazon horror for employees:

Bro! I am calling you Bro even if we don’t know each other. This is because both of us could work for Amazon. That means both of us suffer from fascism culture of Amazon. You might not agree with me. If you like your company and happy with your job, you are lucky. But don’t lose discretion. In 2017 I got job offer for software engineer in Amazon and was happy like you. Nice company, nice salary, nice team members. At that time, I didn’t assume the horror hidden inside of the glossy box.

I didn’t hear about NYT article describing how Amazon persecutes employees because of their association with disabled and dying relatives. I didn’t know the Internet is full of stories of that kind. To somehow improve its reputation, Amazon manipulates public opinion on the Internet! Amazon pays to its employees for posts in social networks! Don’t believe? Google it!

I want Amazon to stop hate against employees and their families.
I am software engineer at Amazon: 2017-present.
I was highly paid. But I am absolutely not satisfied with the fascist culture at Amazon.
That's why I  perform public protests at the streets picketing Amazon offices.
See them here:

Also I believe every Amazon employee should be informed about how to fight for his/her civil rights. If your employer is Amazon, the probability that numerous laws are violated against you is very high.

I found that thousands of Amazon employees suffered in the past and suffer today as a result of inhuman company policies. While sometimes other big corporations also violate the law, Amazon is the only one feeling no shame to officially encourage in its HR policies to oppress employees.
To change Amazon policies, I committed Hunger strike without food and water for almost 5 days.
It was my failure because Amazon demonstrated the company will never change policies even if I die.

I have a lot of ideas for the future. We need to unionize Amazon employees. We need to fight at the street by picketing, in the courtroom and on the Internet. Amazon abused human rights of society, and it is a duty of the society to show Amazon its place and to force the company to change inhuman policies.

Official Amazon let us know that if we don't like this job, nobody forces us to stay here. Our response is we are humans and we have human rights. We are not farm animals. We will fight for our pride and we will win because the True and the God are on our side. Nobody forces Jeff Bezos to stay at this planet. If he does not like our human rights, he is free to take a flight to Mars on his Blue Origin spaceship.

Amazon employees died, their children died AS A RESULT OF oppression by Amazon. Employees were prevented to see last time their dying relatives. Employees were injured, became disabled and homeless without any compensation from Amazon. It is enough. It is not only an option to stop this. It is our duty to stop Amazon. If we don't stop Amazon, the monster will go further and it will be too late.

If you are working for Amazon, high probability is that your rights are violated.
I cannot make a legal advice here because I have no legal license.
However I can say if your speech does not contain anything illegal, National Labor Relationships Act protects you if you speak about working conditions of Amazon.
Multiple laws protect you against retaliation by Amazon for the whistle blowing.
Share this story along with stories of other Amazon employees.
Do not be afraid of retaliation.
By private complaint, you help yourself.
By public complaint, you help to society and humanity.

Thank you Bro for reading this text till the end.
If you think Amazon should be stopped, please share this.

How to be mentally free working for Amazon

Monday, June 10, 2019

Happy Amazon prime customers pay for Amazon lawyers to persecute Amazon employees

Earlier I noted how Amazon spends money of customers - by hiring attorneys at around $1000 an hour to persecute its own employees.
In the lawsuit, Amazon hired reputable and extreeeemly expensive Perkins Coie attorneys to fight me. These are attorneys who were thinking it is a good idea to complain to the Court about my protests.

I act without an attorney and I have no legal education. Amazon and Perkins Coie decided it is not enough to fight against me with single attorney. They brought a combination of a Partner + an Attorney.

Now let's go to money horror. Would you like to be terrified? I was.
Perkins Coie Partner is paid in average $376,105/yr.
Perkins Coie Attorney is paid in average $287,354/yr.
In total, these two guys make $663,459/yr.

For these money you could hire 20 warehouse employees because each of them gets just $15/hr.

I am arguing with Amazon in the lawsuit whether picketing is right and whether retaliation is unlawful during the last half a year. For half a year their total earnings were approximately
$663,459 / 2 = $331,729.

Of course, attorney of the firm can be engaged in multiple projects (lawsuits). However usually legal firm (Perkins Coie) charges its client (Amazon) hourly rate of the lawyer multiple times higher than his/her salary. Moreover, docket of my case was frequently updated and now it contains 50 motions. That means around half of them is filed by each side. How much Amazon paid for 25 motions?
I don't know the real number and I have never seen contract between Perkins Coie and Amazon. But we don't need a PhD degree to easily calculate an estimation based on the numbers listed supra.

I am OK with high salaries of the lawyers. I think everybody deserve the money for the job he does. Even Mr Bezos deserves his billions because he created such startup. Moreover, I was paid competitive rate working as a software engineer for Amazon.

However I am not OK with the following. Amazon spends hundreds of thousands dollars (and potentially millions) just to persecute its own employee! And that is just for the single employee! Amazon pays $15/hr to warehouse picker and then pays around $1000/hr to persecute this picker!
How many current lawsuits does Amazon have? If we multiply $300,000 by this number, we will be terrified even more.

While Mr Bezos actively promotes "customer obsession", he hides his real "attorney obsession".

Dear Happy Amazon Prime Customer! Please be aware you do not support hungry families of Amazon fulfillment center employees. You support families of lawyers!

Oleg, it is enough horror! Give us some good news! Well, the good news is at least somebody is really happy as a result of that. Perkins Coie guys would bless Amazon and encourage the company to persecute its employees indefinitely!

NY protest: rain, rain, rain...

Thursday, June 6, 2019

What is the major difference between Amazon and Army?

There are similarities between Amazon and Army.
In the army, during the war the soldier can be injured, physically or mentally.
At Amazon, the worker will be injured, physically or mentally.

But there is a major difference between Amazon and Army.
In the army, the soldier is ready to die to make his country safe.
In the Amazon, the worker is ready to die to make Bezos richer.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Innovation idea for Amazon: automatic HR

Amazon has a good leadership principle: frugality. Another leadership principle encourages innovations. Well, I support them and follow both of them.
As an engineer working for Amazon I should be somehow responsible for innovations.
While software engineers at Amazon are mostly not engaged in innovations, I have an innovation idea.

Earlier I noted that HR is the most useless department of Amazon. It consumes huge budgets. At the same time it is only to create a visibility of investigations of violations at the workplace.

Let's make HR automatic! Sad thing is Amazon needs to terminate all HRs. Well, this saves a lot of payroll money for Mr Bezos. Good to him. Instead of alive HRs, simple robot will send auto responses to every complaint of the employees.

For the first complaint (regardless of its content), robot will send email: we did not find violation of Amazon policy here.
For the repeated inquiry, robot will send: our investigation is confidential.

In the Court, Amazon can proudly excuse: "We consider every complaint and take measures" (which is true btw)

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Amazon is at the level of XIX century

Guess where is this citation coming from? Looks familiar with Amazon management?
In fact, this is from the XIX century, manufacturing era before the unionizing.
How can we meet the same today, in XXI century? Amazon thinks it is proper.

How to be happy working for Amazon

Stop talking. Go find another job if you don't like it! Amazon style.

Amazon plays its favorite game "you don't like this job get out". They tell "nobody forces you to stay here". You can quit any time. This is the favorite game of those having monopoly power. And this is an abuse.

I suggest to play another game. Like children, let's combine words and play a game of "analogy". Here is how it looks like.

  • The parent abuses the child. If child doesn't like it, he/she can go find another parent or apply to orphanage.
  • The offender rapes the woman. But nobody forced the woman to walk at the dark street at night. If she doesn't like something, she could go to other street.
  • The husband beats up his wife and commits domestic violence crime. But nobody forced the wife to marry him. She could chose other man if she doesn't like something.
  • Etc etc

It is enough. Amazon management and HR extended the limit. It is our time to say NO. We will not go other street. We will not tolerate mockery and abuse. We will not tolerate crime and discrimination. We suggest Mr Bezos to fly to Mars if he doesn't like this planet. But we like it and we will stay here. And we will fight for our rights because we have nothing to lose.

Amazon wants to keep its fascism "Confidential"

HR director Kelly Wolf informed me about the following:
Hate speech (the reason for my complaint) is not a violation of the Amazon policy.
What else do you need to know about this company?

I admit partially Wolf is right. Outrageous violations are indeed not the violations of the Amazon policy. That is because the policy is defective.

Let's start from the beginning. In around February I started picketing Amazon offices as a result of outrageous violations of the company. Amazon (as usual) retaliated this with locking me access to everything (emails etc), hate speech and other outrageous actions. I got threats of violence, insults and other Amazon "gifts". Well I expected this based on the experience of numerous other Amazon employees. What could I expect if after the complaint Amazon cuts breaks of the car of its own employee?

On 03/07/2019 I sent my complaint about threats and hate crime to Amazon HR. HR director Kelly Wolf promised to get back in 2 days. That was lies. She came back only in 2 months (today). She spent 2 months to tell me: "there is no violation of Amazon policy".

Did she carefully investigated that during 2 months?
Did she need a lot of time to gather all the evidence?
Did she research the law and consulted with others?
Nope. She waited 2 months until I complain to the federal agency. The agency solicited Amazon with the request. Wolf immediately sent me an email to tell "I did my job, I reacted to your complaint (even 2 months later)".

Here is the full email below. Wolf marked it as a "confidential" hoping I am afraid to publish it. Amazon cannot understand the simple thing. How can I afraid to publish their mockery if I am not afraid of their threats of violence? Public interest is more significant than the interest of Wolf. Public interest is more significant than the interest of Amazon.


[email hidden]
to:Oleg Churyumov <[email hidden]>
date:May 31, 2019, 5:08 PM
security: Standard encryption (TLS) Learn more
:Important according to Google magic.
Dear Oleg Churyumov,
On 03/07/2019 you raised concerns to our team.  Amazon takes concerns of this nature very seriously and has a process in place to investigate.  My role in this process was to be a fair and objective fact finder and to conduct and complete a thorough investigation.  As part of this process, I spoke with relevant parties and reviewed relevant documentation.
I completed a thorough investigation and did not find a violation of Amazon policy or standards of conduct.
As a reminder, Amazon has a policy prohibiting retaliation against anyone who has raised a complaint or who has participated in an investigation. Amazon expects that anyone who participates in an investigation will not engage in any retaliatory behavior – this applies to and has been discussed with all the parties in the investigation.  
Thank you again for raising your concerns and for your cooperation.  If you have any questions now or in the future, please let me know.
Thank you,
Kelly Wolf
Dir, Corp Employee Relations

The screenshot (look at the big word "Confidential"):

Glassdoor reports, HR director at Amazon is paid salary around $150,000. Wolf is for a long time with Amazon. So her salary might be $200,000 or even more. So, $200,000 is a fair price to cover the hate speech in the company. Happy customer of Amazon thinks his money are to feed children of warehouse workers. Nope. Their salaries are around 10 times less than the salary of Wolf and Amazon attorneys. Happy Amazon customer buys Prime account mostly to feed HRs and lawyers who hide the violations of the company.

No, Ms Wolf, I will not keep you mockery confidential. Nobody will help me. But we can help to other Amazon employees and to all the future applicants to know what really happens at Amazon.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Amazon should stop spying for its employees

If you work for Amazon say goodbye to your personal life. You can be tracked and monitored at the street, at work and even at the entry of your home. It is not just location tracking. It is not reading personal emails. It is full time videotaping.

Of course every company should take care of its safety and security. Every company should fight external and internal threats.

But Amazon is going to far. Other companies fight competitors and fight for innovations. Amazon fights against its own employees.

Via it's agents and contractors, the company hires private detectives to spy on employees. The situation is especially outrageous because the reason for the persecution is an employee's complaint of physical injury.

The scheme is as follows:
Amazon injures you -> You complain -> Amazon persecutes you.

Definitely this is the reason to update our demand for changing Amazon inhuman policies. Unless the policies of entire company are changed, this can happen with any Amazon employee.

Amazon should issue the policy prohibiting the company and it's agents/contractors to spy on the employees by hiring private detectives.

Monday, May 27, 2019

How Amazon complains to the Court about my protest

Amazon lawyers make absurd complaint about my picketing

This happened couple of months ago. I was overwhelmed, thus I publish this only now.
I tried to start a litigation against Amazon due to its outrageous actions against employees.
I asked the Court for reimbursement of medical expenses and changing the Amazon policies.
During the litigation, I asked for a relief from the deadline.
In its response, Amazon lawyers complained to the Court about my protests:

Well, you can say: Oleg, it is a litigation and this is lawyer's response. It is a job of the company's lawyer to protect the company against enemies (i. e. against employees).

Amazon lawyer covers illegal company

That is partially correct. However, the job of the lawyer is to know the law and to apply the law.
That's why Amazon can pay to its lawyers about $1000 an hour. This is more than 50 times higher than paycheck to its warehouse associates.

The thing about Amazon is: Amazon violated to many laws, so the company cannot defend itself by the law. If I complain about Amazon, Amazon cannot find a law to protect the company. Thus, the company lawyers have only one way to protect the business: to use dirty means, go dirty ways.

That's why the lawyer complains about my absolutely legal picketing. This lawyer is paid $1000 an hour, but the lawyer does not include in his motion any law in support of his claim about my picketing! Because he has no law in support! Because the lawyer knows his claim has no merits.

It is not a surprise the Court rules against this lawyer:

Well, you can say: "Oleg, it is not a bad company. They just delegated legal proceedings to the legal firm. Maybe it is not a bad company, it is just a bad lawyer?"

Amazon hires everybody to persecute its employees

Unfortunately not. Even if a lawyer made such a mistakes, he/she acted on behalf of the company. Bad lawyer cannot be paid $1000 an hour.

Lawyer's creativity is bounded by the company's order. We can see the strong trend of delegation:
- Amazon delegated litigation to the legal firm. Then the legal firm makes absurd (knowingly senseless) complaints about the employee's picketing. Instead of sitting in the library with the law volumes, Amazon lawyer is monitoring social networks of the company's employees!
- Amazon delegated security of the building. Then the security guard illegally blocks the picketing.
- Amazon delegated insurance. Then the insurance company spies for injured workers.

Every time after Amazon delegates something to a contractor, the contractor starts unfairly and often illegally acting against Amazon employees. Maybe it is not a contractor who is bad? Maybe it is Amazon who is bad and defective?

Bezos is fighting for his life and for his wealth

However, I need to admit: it is reasonable for Amazon to pay to this lawyer. Yes, this lawyer costs like 50 warehouse workers. But often these lawyers save the company from multi-million penalties and verdicts. It is better to pay thousands to the lawyer rather than pay millions in lawsuit penalties.

Moreover, Amazon is forced to pay to these lawyers. This is simply because the company committed too many outrageous violations of the law. And if justice comes, all the billions of Jeff Bezos will not be enough to give a relief to the claims of all the employees who suffered in this illegal company. That's why Amazon pays to the lawyers. Not just because they want to pay. They are forced to pay. On a paper Jeff Bezos is a billionaire. But if justice comes, he is a pauper.

That's why Amazon HR investigations are false. That's why the company does not admit the fault even if the evidence is clear. They are afraid. Bezos is coward. He knows the company is inhuman. But if he admits it, thousands of employees will make a flood of complaints and lawsuits pushing Amazon to the bankruptcy. Bezos is just fighting for his wealth.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

Funny anecdote about Amazon lawyers

(Picture from South Park)

Amazon lawyer meets his colleague who works for another (normal) company. They take a beer and share their memories about the work.

Normal company lawyer:
"I learned a lot working for this company. I got deep understanding of the law, attended trials and practiced discovery. This experience will allow me to succeed in my future career as an attorney."

Amazon lawyer:
"My experience was not so nice. My boss forced me to monitor social networks of the employees. Instead of practicing the law, I tracked our own employees, looking into their private emails, trying to find some dirt about them. I am not sure for which job this experience can be useful in the future. But definitely not an attorney career."

Friday, May 24, 2019

New improper Amazon policy found: "Act in the best interest of the company"

This policy should be removed as possibly illegal. The law protects employees' rights for self-organizing, fighting for the better working conditions and unionizing. But unionizing of employees is not "in the best interest of the company". The law protects employees from discrimination and retaliation. However it is not "in the best interest of the company" to investigate the discrimination complaint. Moreover, Amazon shows it is "in the best interest of the company" to retaliate.

This is the reason to update demand to Amazon to change its policies.

Monday, May 20, 2019

What is the source of Jeff Bezos power?

What is the secret of success of the richest man in the world?

Unique innovation and technology?

Nope. Amazon is a pure retail company. Buy cheap, sell expensive. Get the margin in your pocket. Spend it to protect yourself from your own employees.
Most of the Amazon technology is to improve the process of buying-selling. Making money faster.
The more inhuman the process, the more money Amazon makes.
Apart from retail, what ways does Amazon use to monetize the technology?
- Software helping to deport people out of the country
- System tracking the employees
- etc

Motivated employees who love the work?

Nope. Absolute majority of Amazon employees hate their work. They work for money only. Whether it is warehouse associate or software engineer. Even Amazon "soldiers" HR hate their job.
Most Amazon engineers dream to run away to the "normal" company. They only reason they stay at Amazon is they still don't have other offer.

The power of Bezos is simply our fear

Amazon employees don't like their work. The only thing holding them is fear:
- Fear to lose family income
- Fear to lose immigration status
- Fear to lose medical insurance for your relatives
- Fear of persecution (private detectives, attorneys, violence threats)

You can say: Oleg! You should replace "Amazon" word with "any big company". That is because any big company works like that. An employee of any company is afraid of losing his job.

My response is as follows. Yes it is true. Any company holds employees by paying salaries. However, the Amazon case is different. It is all about statistics. E. g. Amazon has abnormal level of suicides among fulfillment center employees. Amazon has abnormal level of immigrants among engineers because Americans don't want to work for Amazon. That allows the company to implement "working visa slavery".

But the scariest thing is treatment of relatives (dependents). Employees of any organisation are afraid of termination because of medical insurance for children, parents, spouse etc. This fear is especially high if some of relatives are disabled and needs regular treatment.

Amazon uses this fear in a hardest possible way. That is the outrageous distinction between Amazon and other companies. When Amazon retaliates employee's complaint, the company cancels medical insurance for the relative even if the employee is not terminated yet. Preventing to treat your disabled relative is even worse than the hostile environment.

This becomes especially hard in other countries where Amazon has its businesses. If an employee works not in the US, most probably he is not protected by COBRA program (providing insurance if an employee is terminated).

Of course, it is not a normal practice in other companies to commit threats of violence towards its own employees. But in Amazon it is. No, it is not a single case. It is a culture, because I have an evidence of more than one case.

So what to do?

Don't feed the monster with your fear

The major thing Bezos needs is to feel your fear. I get calories from cabbage and apples. Fast food lovers get calories from Big Mac. Bezos gets his calories from our fear.

Than he can push and squash you as much as he can because he knows you will endure. You will endure because you are afraid of consequences. Because you are afraid to complain.
But if all oppressed employees would complain simultaneously, join and fight together, the monster will run away. And Mr Bezos would feel the fear himself.

Don't become a victim. Don't be afraid to complain. Don't be afraid to become a whistle blower.